Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Yo, yo , yo... i love snow ... and maybe someday i will go to the North Pole... on second thoughts i will in me hole..."

Anyway after that freestyle masterclass i have decided to rhyme todays Blog ... only cos its quicker and i need to drop a log .... but if i was a machine then all a yuse would be my cogs... Well enough of that shite i think i will leave freestyle Irish rapping to Spiral from Big Brother...

Here's the link for Britney Spears going off her balls in an interview doin a really random impression... SCARY STUFF from the weird one..

Just copy and paste the link:,,2004580002-2007170655,00.html

If you're single and you fancy hooking up with some other like-minded single men and ladies then check then email:

Its a weekend organised by Ken O'Day for men and women twenty and upwards who are looking for partner and a good craic so check it out if thats your bag...

That's it from me so go well and get a cream for that...

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