Monday, March 28, 2011

Heard Prendeville is back on air this morning. Was thinking of cracking one off in public and I might get myself back on the radio...Can't afford a plane so the local double decker bus will have to do. Now where did I put that dirty mac?

So to celebrate his return...I was going to suggest Return of the (dirty) mac by Mark Morrison, but I think this one is more appropriate:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I know that you have to make videos in advance, but this managed to get out and make Martin Johnson look like an even bigger ignorant ape than he is...sweet.

And no wonder they lost. Look at all the forward passes!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I plan to start my day with a bowl of gin and cornflakes, Riverdance myself to the bookies, wade through the dyed green river to a hooley, catch the eye of the highest ranking farmer's daughter, fight bare-knuckle for her honour in a hay bail cage and then finish the day off with a set-dance. So, between the jigs and the reels to pre-empt my stereotyped drunken Irish behaviour, I will not have time to update this blog on Drunken Day.


Patriotic sweets. "Amhrán na Bean"

Here is a selection of videos that will hopefully amuse one:

Possibly my favourite Simpson episode:

Here's a Paddy's Day greeting from a very early U2. This looks like it was filmed around the same time Angela's Ashes was based :-/ Watch the Edge playing football it's hilarious!

The Muppets in Aran sweaters = Comedy Genius.

And for the alcoholics:

I will never complain about the weather here again. Watch as this town is destroyed in less than 5 mins. The speed and power is frightening.