Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Now then, now then Guys and Galls"

Jingle, jangly Jimmy is back

Yes he is on UKTV 9pm tonight... If you've never seen or heard of the "Silver Fox" who has raised about 40 million quid for charity and has run in about twenty marathons at least... oh yeah and he also invented the two turntable technique now commonplace among contemporary DJs.... then check out the show as they will be reliving some classic old moments and making dreams come true for todays's kiddies!!!

If you have always wanted your own GENUINE 'Jim'll Fix It' medal then check out this class link -

Otherwise have a gander at this link and just put a pretend one together -

Had a massive response to the REVERSE MUSIC segment we had on yesterday and today... Honestly it is CLASS and all the songs are genuine... If you have a chance look up LED ZEPELLIN - STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN and SATANIC LYRICS on the net... You should be able to get a verse of the song backwards and in it there is used the words "little torture toolshed" which i don't think has ever been used in a song... unless of course you take any hit from STEPS....mmmmmmm

Go Well and i will talk to ye soon... Have a good un

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