Thursday, April 12, 2007

"All was quiet in the room until John decided to discreetly delve into his little packet of pocket brussell sprouts and blow one out. Fortunately Mary had been stung before and had prepared herself for such an eventuality"

Hi guys and gals,

If ye missed the show today then you're shit. Gimme 50 press up now biach!!!!!

On the other hand you would have been treated to our excellent guest star Lauren O Brien our first "Fan in The Van"... She runs a plumbing supply business while simultaneously keeping the REDFM Bebo Fan page up and running... and she's only twelve!!!! Here's a link to get hooked up - We really appreciate her hard work and she is from Blarney so God has shined kindly on that girl!!

We also had Niall Cunningham who is climbing Everest for the charity "Fighting Blindness". For further info search for "niallyc" on BEBO or go to

Fair play to both of them... Anyways i better head cos my head is about to squeeze itself..

See Ya..

Oh yeah we have Glenda Gilson on the show tomorrow... How random but those eyebrows have taken the country by storm... MMMMMMM QUIZZICAL

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