Monday, June 15, 2009


Well done to Cork Footballers for getting to the Munster Final. Beating the auld enemy is always good and i bet there was much Goochy handbags swinging at the end by the Kerry boys...

Apart from the TV3 commentary team looking like they were extras from Airwolf with the helicopter headpieces, one thing that caught my eye was Darragh O Se...Is it me or is he the bulb off Mad Tom from Father Ted???!!!

Mad Tom from Father Ted..."Me dog bit me fadder, dusint it look like a face?"

Darragh O Se

Tomorrow we have the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society and we are talking about Female Bodybuilding...or Brickshithouse Birds as they techinically refer to it

A Dancing cloud..."Night Fever, night fevveeeerrrrrrrrr"

Wossy gets more than he candle handle..."It feels loike a bag of wocks"

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