Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Any fans of The Mighty Boosh might recognise the legacy my Lahndanowes to the creepy gravelly voiced Eel Man...

The Eel Song for those unfamiliar with his slippery slimy waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyss!!!!!

And for any Ringers out there...CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Okay, so I wouldn't say I'm the bravest person in the wrold...stupid (I have nealt electricuted myself twice and have eaten a scorpion..that as they say is for another day) but most definitely not brave. And when it comes to fairground rides they are not really my top priority for enjoyment. Admittedly I've got up on a few dodgy ones in the past (ooh er missus!) but being the selfless, courageous reporter that I am asked me to head along to the 7UP Winter Wonderland in Kilmainham Gardens. Luckily, I had a six month tour of duty in deepest Afghanistan to prepare me!

Friday, December 02, 2011




ION crew headed along to the Taste of Christmas show at the Convention Centre (on the quays in Dublin, building looks like God dropped a can and hasn't bothered picking it up) recently to meet the Masterchef Maestros Dylan McGrath and Nick Munier. I was a massive fan of the show when it was on and so I decided to make something very special for the lads to critique...

"Will they think it looks like sick or will it do the trick!"

Last night was the celebration of Hairy Lipped Hare-krishas all across the world with the Tripod in Dublin looking like the casting stage of a dodgy 70s porn movie...It was wall to wall sausage as the uber upper-lipped brigade paraded their magnificent mushers to the world before attacking them with the wilkinson sword...

This year alone they reckon they have already raised close to €80 million worldwide as men relinquish the razor for one month. That's a lot of lives saved from prostate cancer.