Friday, April 13, 2007

The Rock

Glenda Gilson

"Thank f*ck its Friday"
Well we have come to the end of another exciting week and the words above will have been screamed from the top of every bank, shop, pub, street and building where we Corkonians ply our trade... unless of course you are still going to school and it'll be more like "Aw for f*cksake its Friday and the hols are over, where's me f*ckin uniform aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh"...

Thanks for tuning in today it means alot to myself and the Mayo giant and if i could just reach around (no pun intended) to hug ye all i would... Infact here go on take this open armed gesture and give me a cuddle... there we are a bit of love on a Friday... Ok, Ok some of the lads are finding it difficult to get in touch with yer sensitive side... no worries here look take a firm handshake... there we are now.....huuurrrmmppphhhh ah Rugby isn't it great and tough...

NOW LISTEN UP Open your eyes and ears and please give your support to the Free The Fifa 2 campaign to release the two boys at Cork City F.C. - COLIN HEALY and GARETH FARRELLY - and allow them to be free to express their class talents on the Cork City faithful. Copy and paste the link below and give F.I.F.A. the two fingers they deserve for this sham.

Nearly ready to head but before i jump on my Penny Farthing and go home to my wheelie bin I was secretly surprised at Glenda Gilson. I thought she might be a bit lost up her own arse but infact she was okay considering she was just off her flight from ... like Dublin ... like.. well she didn't really have the D4's about her and had a laugh... The same can't be said for Jarlath.. or Charlotte Regan who came on earlier... His profession is supposedly a "Comedian" yet he was about as funny as a smashed glass in the face. I would just like to apologise to anyone out there listening as he was rubbish and sounded like he was either under his duvet or just slow in the head.

Anyway enough of that, make sure you have a class weekend and Go Well.


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