Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet the Running Men

"And the f*cking blisters got this big lads after half a mile!
CHALLENGE 126!! This is insane. I could only do this if I had a herd of horny shotgun wielding elephants behind me looking for a piece of prime Linehan rump! Ruuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Maher of Spin 1038 and movie man Mike Sheridan of / RTÉ’s TwoTube will set out to run 126 miles (the equivalent of 5 marathons) in one day in aid of Special Olympics Ireland. Pushing the limitations of physical and mental endurance, the pair’s journey will begin in Limerick City at 7am on Thursday 26th April. Approximately 30 hours later, they will arrive on Dublin’s Grafton St.

You can donate through or by texting the word ‘Donate’ to 57252 (ROI) to give €2 (min. of €1 goes to Special Olympics Ireland) or 85122 (NI) to donate £1.50 (min. of £0.75 goes to the charity). All donations greatly appreciated.

 Check out the video of the launch here:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Forgot to put the Paddy's Day video up so here goes...

Hope you likey, bejaysus and begorrah.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Patrick's Festival Weekend

"Keep your friends close, but your Patron Saints closer" - St. Patrick De Niro

If you ever attend a parade don't get stuck behind LMFAO.

It's Andy from The Ellen Show!

A collection of all my videos for ION TV @ We have a smorgasm-bord of celebrities and high profile musicians, red carpets, movie premieres, charity events, celebrations and loads more from learning Polish with Saoirse Ronan, chuckling with Colin Farrell, to a Pun-tastic chat with Danny from The Script, to swearing lessons with Dara O Briain, sandwich fillings with Jedward, to Lisa Hannigan baking "special cakes" for Bob Dylan to threesomes with Amy Huberman to fingering the Scissor Sisters! It's all here. And loads more. Enjoy!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Please Don't Wine! Er..actually DO!


Man on the moon, hovering skateboards, Reebok Pumps, adult nappies, tupperware, tic-tacs, slippers in the shape of cute animals, fold-up combs... Jesus, is there any end to the list of groundbreaking inspirational ideas and inventions that have been developed by the human being.

So, it is with great disappointment that we are still faced in this, the year of our Lord 2012 with NO SMELLYVISION or TASTETV. (If only you could taste the big pea or the smell the beef cheek...all is revealed in the video).

Oh yeah, I can post that my cat has just farted or which cream biscuit rules the world but we need that extra added ingredient which would make those cookery shows just that little bit more palatable...I'm looking at you Jamie Oliver with your herb garden that changed your life...he never mentions the f*cking team of gardeners that are paid to upkeep though...AAAARRGGHHH!! Jamie doesn't mind...he's very rich.

Although, I've never been bothered by Heston's hay cooker or the Blumenthal bunsen burner. I do like a crazy cooking implement and this night had a few!

So, I was very happy indeed to go along to the 'Curious Feast for the Senses' at the Sugar Club in Leeson Street, Dublin 2 for a night of food & wine where we could eat as the chef prepared...fantastic! You don't get that on TV!

All thanks to the lovely wino people at Brancott Estate.

Cully and Sully, the Simon and Garfunkel of gastronomy were the very capable hosts for the evening.

So, here's a lovely photo of them leaning against a tree.

Oh yeah and here is the link to the video. ENJOY :-)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Latest ION Escapades

Love was in the air all week as men all around the country battled with each other to grapple with the last of the shattered flowers left in buckets outside service stations all around the country!

So, to celebrate this month of amour, myself and the ION TV crew grabbed our bows and headed along to help shoot some love arrows at the Tesco 'Love In The Aisles' singles night in Cabra. I have to say it was one of the best laughs I've had in a long time as the set-up was excellent and all the singles taking part were a riot. Fair play now lets get to the love!

 Dublin was awash with luvvies for the 9th annual IFTA awards last week. So, of course myself and the ION TV crew headed along for all the glitz and glamour dahling! Well, I didn't have any glitz or glamour myself but I managed to find a nifty pair of socks to rival the ones worn by Niall Breslin aka Bressie, discussed the possibility of ripping off his shirt to reveal a Kerry GAA top with Michael Fassbender, Vampish sexuality with Kathryn Thomas, talked working in Ireland with Dana Delaney (Katherine off Desperate Housewives), Agnes Brown's knickers with her creator Brendan Carroll,  talking food with the Irish Masterchef lads and the lovely Charlene McKenna off Raw plus loads more!

Check it out here:

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

War Horse & Tradfest

Latest ION vids peeps...

Wanna get all folked up! We did at the Temple Bar Tradfest. Spoke to a few heads and enjoyed a bit a craic:

ION gets folked up at the Temple Bar Tradfest!

Liam Cunningham (sound), Joe Duffffyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (Mother would be so proud), Ruby Walsh (what he didn't mention here was that his favourite film is Love Actually...frightening. Although he is half-horse so movies clearly are not his thing!) Barry Geraghty, and many others as I patrolled the red carpet for the War Horse Irish premiere:

Friday, January 20, 2012


My name is Mark Linehan (aka Lenny) and this is my presenter showreel.

Okay! *drum roll*

Be warned it contains a cheesy star-wipe effect (Homer Simpson you are an inspiration!) and a number of special guests including an excited DJ Shadow, a Jedward sandwich, a chuckling Colin Farrell, a swearing Dara O Briain, Playdoh loving Irish Masterchefs Dylan McGrath & Nick Munier, a nearly teary Liam Cunningham, the lovely Amy Huberman, a winking Brendan Gleeson, sheep shearing, ice hockey lessons and loads of bits in between!

Hope you enjoy.

My contact is:

Hope you enjoyed some of my best bits. However, if you laughed during this video, then you must give me a job! Contact details: Thanks :-)

The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

ION @ BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

WE headed along to the place where the country's brightest bunsen-burning boffins competed to see who had the biggest brain!

Myself and Tony the Cameraman (that's his actual surname) spoke to a load of science students from Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Monaghan, Clare, Wicklow and loads more.

There are some brilliant ideas in here and it's good to know that while Ireland is on it's feckin knees in debt we REALLY have some of the best brained geeks in this country.

The future's bright!
The future's boffins!

To check out all the other fantastic ION TV videos on just CLICK HERE

And, I know I can see you screaming while you nibble on your knuckles, "Where the feck is Part two???"

Well, fear not. Here be my number two...uggghhhhhhh