Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ashley and Paul from the Franks were on the show this morning so i had to put together a little shrine in the studio recalling their modelling days...Above the lads had an accident with some play glue and managed to attach their hands to their faces ... Ashley gave his inspirational pose to the chiselled features of ex-Bond Timothy Dalton while Paul decided to emulate "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin... where it 'depicts a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle' ... Although he did reveal off air that infact he was having an internal struggle alright... on the bowl.

Check out the video for new single 'Fight' on youtube, it's directed by a fella called Brian McElhaney who is a graduate of the T.I.S.C.H. project at the New York Film School (previous graduates include Martin Scorsese and Todd Philips) beat off other graduates to make the video and it's excellent... He is now set to direct a video for The Strokes as revealed by Paul this morning.

Thanks for all yer texts this morning... Today was 'Accidental Text Day' on the Rooster and hundreds of ye were good enough to send in your stories about your usually late night textual healing to the wrong person. I did the same myself texting the ex it's seems like such a great idea at the time... you think their just gonna drop everything at 3 am and come running..aaaaahhhhh... there should definitely be some kind of blocker or breathalyser tube attached to the phone to ensure the text is not sent...

Hope you had a top weekend and this weather is a signal for the summer...

Salute to the Sun

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