Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Couple of cool videos that I just watched and liked to share...

The effects in this are fantastic considering it most probably had a small budget...leads me to think that it may be a viral for a video game? Otherwise, brilliant shooting and clever little flips, I had to rewind a few times to work out where she was going!

The guy who made this must have the patience of a Nick Park (Aardman Animations genius) because each person (500 in total) has to hold a different photograph (he developed 1,500 photos..maniac) in order for it to give the illusion that it is be honest I think he has too much time on his hands...apart from a photograph that is ;-/

Friday, August 26, 2011

Whoa...that was liquid football!


At least one team called The Hoops are through to European football. Shame on Celtic by being hammered by a bunch of part-timers (to be honest the Scottish League has held no interest for me in recent years) It is like watching two angry bears fight over squatting rights in the woods as a load of wide eyed little animals look on...oooohhhh we might nick a point off either of ye and that'll make our season...nah pointless.

On the other hand, Shamrock Rovers have made a Europa League that would have only caught the attention of Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur fans much more interesting a viewing experience.

This volley alone is worth about a million quid to The Hoops:

It reminded me of:

And I missed that goal because I was reporting for ION on the Future Bright showcase for new emerging Irish Music talent at Crawdaddy's:

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have only been able to watch this clip from the Lovely Girls Competition once. I can't actually even force myself through latticed fingers and a fist in the mouth hiding and shaking behind the sofa to view this horror one more time. 'Hip-hop'? Erm...more like a drunken epileptic mating fit designed to engage the opposite sex at approximately 3am of a Saturday night.

Look but beware of a dangerous level of cringe!

Less cringeful but can be viewed more than once:


Monday, August 22, 2011

Trying to get the biggest ride of my life!

Spent Saturday soaking up the buzz of the 2011 Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann up in sunny Cavan... and when I say sunny twas actually schplitting schtones! Couldn't beleive how great the weather was and the people were great craic. If you look closely enough you will see me pause after the Dutch man Dan answers where he is from...I had to stop my myselkf from answering in a really ropey Dutch attempted accent..."Oh well yesshhhhh that would be the drughhhhhhhhssssss and the shexxxxxxxx yessshhhh!"

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Head over heels about moving to The Hills?

One thing I noticed about the Robbie rocket move to L.A. Galaxy was how happy he was to be heading to join David ("I din't fink dey was permanent tattooes Victowea...oh shit!") Beckham and the lads in the Hollywood Hills. Here's a little selection of various quotes that RK gave to the press when joining any number of the clubs he has been a part of in his career. It's funny to see how many boyhood dreams he has fulfilled and just how many clubs are so close to his heart ;-)

"I have always wanted to come and play in MLS so it's the perfect combination for me and a dream come true" - Robbie Keane reveals his joy at a £3.5m move from Tottenham to LA Galaxy. Obviously.

But, haven't we heard that before...ummmm.

20 August 1999: "It has always been my dream to play in the Premiership and I'm over the moon to be joining Coventry."
31 July 2000: "It's every kid's dream come true. I am absolutely delighted at the prospect of joining a world-famous club like Inter."
14 May 2007: "They say five clubs and all that, but I am very settled here [at Spurs] and am really enjoying it."
28 July 2008: "I've been a Liverpool fan all my life, going back to when I was a kid growing up in Dublin, and I always had a Liverpool shirt on my back. To be sitting here today in a Liverpool tracksuit is a dream come true."
6 February 2009: "I'm delighted to be back [at Spurs]. This is a club that's dear to my heart."
1 February 2010: "I am a Celtic fan and did not have to ask much about it. I always wanted to play for Celtic and it works for all parties."
31 January 2011: "I'm ready to help West Ham stay up. I feel I have plenty left to offer at the highest level for at least the next four or five years."

As long as he keeps popping them in for fun in a green shirt he can fecking play for Rangers...well okay maybe not but you get the idea ;-P

Monday, August 15, 2011


This week I had my ION The Kilkenny Arts Festival

Yes, with apologies to South Park. I'm afraid that is actually the second time I have robbed that joke and used it in print ( is still actually have the page from the paper!). The first being my stint at the Irish Examiner back in the second neolithic cave man Jurassic dinosaur flare wearing days of the early 2000s...Ahhhhhh remember them heady days when a hedge fund was just used to pay the gardener.

Anyhoo, I spent Saturday with the great and good of the KAF and ran around like a badger exiting an all night rave to cast a spell over that cracking city and to undertake some Top Gear style being to hunt down Gemma Hayes in a church another to get a rabbit hat fashioned from balloons and another to find a reclining naked man!

Here's the video. Hope you likey!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did all this rioting start with a pair of jeans?

With all this rioting and stock market crashing..thank f*ck for Harrison Ford!

Although he really does remind me of 'The Brain' from Pinky & The Brain (don't know this classic cartoon...Google now!) Rupert Murdoch is possibly the most powerful man in media and no matter how the hacking scandal damages him he will still dive like Scrooge McDuck (Google now!) into a swimming pool of cash. At least we can console ourselves that one of the richecst and scariest men in the world still looks like a div in a pair of shorts and a cap. Sharon Stone he is not: CHRIST

Shield your eyes :-(   Now, here's a brilliant clip from the Guardian website. It's a great insight intoi the Murdoch mind. Don't worry it doesn't contain any gratuitous crotch shots...or does it!


Friday, August 05, 2011


Hi folks...Okay...if you've seen Tootsie and Heath Ledger in Batman Returns..throw in Krusty the Clown and maybe a pinch of Stephen King's Carrie and a small dash of Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances you're getting close...with a little roadkill on top. Make sure you've had your dinner :-S


Let me just warn you first...this video contains gratuitous scenes of make-up and flowery dress violence that may disturb younger (and older) viewers: