Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In his forst official job as Il Presidente Barack has to decide which type of breed he will choose for his kids as the "White House Dog". This has lead me on an investigation to prove that George W. Bush is using this to stay in the WHITE HOUSE!!!! Cue News:

"Barack Obama has whittled down his choice of "First Dog" to just two breeds. The incoming US President has admitted his first job in charge is to get a pet for his two children. The trouble is one of his daughters is allergic to fur"

Now i can't see a mutt looking like Kojak sucking on a lollipop being too appealing for phot-ops, so he has a final two to choose from ... a Labradoodle (which is a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle, not a dog that sketches) and a Portuguese Water Dog. WTF is a Portuguese Water Dog???? I hear you scream. Well, i Googled it and the Lord God Google gave me this image:

...It looks like a mouse with Terry Wogan's wig...or Ann Widdecombe, a frumpy politician from the UK...

This is an actual Portuguese Water Dog, which i think looks a bit like Sprocket, the dog from Fraggle Rock...

Sprocket from Fraggle Rock...who actually is the bulb off George W. Bush... when you think about it HE NEVER REALLY LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

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