Wednesday, March 31, 2010


3D OR 3D'OH?

Got invited to a screening the other day. Yes, I know... "Oh so loike i got invited to a screening wot!" Well, it's actually more to do with the fact that i need to fill up my days (have you seen About A Boy the only movie where I haven't wanted to punch Hugh Grant squarely in the face with a lump hammer and REALLY give him a fucking stutter. It's a bit like the main dude in that who has each day broken into segments) and therefore it's a nice distraction from touching myself. I'm concerned because a load of movies are going to throw on the attachment "3D" onto EVERYTHING just because of the success of Avatar. I can't wait for Sex in the City 2 with people in the cinema ducking from flying stilettos and any point Sarah Jessica Parker decides to turn her face and launch her honk at the audience.

Have a read just click on the pic:

"What did you f*cking say about my skirt!?"

Friday, March 19, 2010

What the hell is on John McCririck's mouth!? Has he been trying it on with the horses? :-S

Horseplay! How the hell was he allowed on tv with those monsters on his lip!


Sorry for being so shite updating the Blog but have given myself a good bating round the head with a large fig roll so my penance has been paid...I hope ;-)

Dya think I might have overdressed for Paddy's Day?

I don't think TK Maxx understand the whole St. Patrick's Day sale thing.
Jeez, I wonder why those mugs are on the clearance shelf :-/

Finally some decent graffitti! Some young Banksy makes some telling changes to this Westshite poster I saw at a Dart station. Why can't all vandalism be this inspired?

N.B. - Kian has also been given gonads...awwwwwww


I think i'm gonna have to create a whole new section:

Spotted this piece of woodland art as I went for a bit of a hike the other day. Now, is it true you can tell the age of a tree by counting the rings? Or is that a cock and balls story? Ummmm

Picture of me new apartment. Do you like it? Obviously, i'm very security conscious with the shotgun..."Ain't no damn der no good varmin gooner steal me god naggit knickers...YE HA!!!"

Poster Seen in a Men's toilet? WTF? And where the hell has that saddle disappeared to? :-S

Pat Butcher would be proud!! Little bit of vandalism I did myself on our last day! :-P I think I look very fetching...erm I said "fetching" not "feltching". Although, it is a look that suggests i'm into some strange late night activities!