Tuesday, December 14, 2010


If you want to make this Christmas number 1 don't buy before the 17th December!

"Foreheads are the future kid!"

Please spare a thought for those less fortunate than us this Christmas. We can all do something to halt this horrific disease:

Monday, December 06, 2010

The ice has been a nightmare up in Dublin with cars sliding all over the place and pedestrians involuntarily auditioning for Strictly Come Dancing On Ice on any pavement that hasn't been aided by a shaft of sun to bring it above minus ten.

However, none of it could even relate to the kind of snow our American cousins receive every year. Just check out this real-life car pinball on the streets of Portland, Oregon.

"Watch out!!!!!!!"

And what snow compilation would be complete without this guy!

Have they ever found out who he is?

Friday, November 19, 2010


"Don't give him any money Frank, he'll just drink it."

I read that Bill Clinton has a cameo in the Hangover 2. At this point I would like to suggest that Brian Cowen fulfill his acting ambitions and play the part of Slimer in the new Ghostbusters flick. If anything, it would get him the fuck out of government and let's face it, that is a part he was born to play.

Met a total legend last week. His name is Spike Jonze and he has directed some of the greatest music videos out there. From Fatboy Slim to The Beastie Boys to Bjork he has worked with some heavy hitters. He also directed Being John Malcovich, Adaptation and Where The Wild Things he has been a producer on tons of projects most notanly Jackass. Here is me interview. By the way I was off my tits on coffee..It was a long day :-)

Just click on the pic:

If you missed my TV interview with Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine from Jackass. Check it out here:

Just click on this rather unusual pic of the Knoxville with his baby:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thought For The Day:

Turn your back on Kippers. For whatever mental reason I bought kippers from Marks & Sparks the other day and the smell has not left the house. Jesus, its like being stuck in Paris Hilton's knickers :-/ Not a good place to be.

Anywho, speaking of fishy business. The Social Network is out this week and it is fantastic. Directed by David Fincher, the dude behind Fight Club and written by Mr West Wing, Aaron Sorkin. The result is a masterpiece. The subject of course is Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's father, or at least the one who snatched the child. His story is incredible and he is set to become the fastest Billionaire ever (I don't mean he can do a 100 meters in under ten secs, but he is fecking looooaaadddddeeedd!!!!) His personal worth is over $6 bn and he still lives in a two storey house that he reckons is too big!

Have a read before you see the movie. He is like a geeky James Bond baddie...unreal:

Just click on pic:

Banksy gets himself on The Simpsons, must have arrived in the studio with a bag over his head!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Happy Birthday John Lennon!

Well, that's what the world would have been saying if it hadn't been for a certain Mark David Chapman and an obsession with The Catcher in the Rye. That looney-tune deprived the world of one of the smartest, idiosyncratic, oddball geniuses who ever picked up the six string. He would have been 70 years old tomorrow. Would he have spent the day lying back in his armchair, pipe in hand reading about himself, or calling up Paul McCartney and farting down the receiver. We shall never know.

But, we can try.

Here's a very tongue-in-cheek bit I did on Lennon at 70.

Lennon at 70. A Day In The Life...if he lived.

Cheeky chappy!

And, if you've never seen this video it's a treat.
Danger Mouse from Gnarls Barkley remixed The Beatles White Album with Jay-Z's Black album and created...The Grey Album!
I think this is great. Check out "John Lennon" breakdancing:

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Here's me write up from meeting Howard Marks and Rhys Ifans on the roof of U2's hotel, The Clarence. Twas the morning after the night before and both were well oiled. Although, Ifans was pretty hammered, he was very funny and chatty...Enjoy!

Click on the pic innit!!!!

Controversial new VW Polo advert that Niall 'Nando' Breslain, he of The Blizzards threw this up on his Facebook page, so I have robbed it.

And while I was looking at that one, I found this. I know w=exactly how this kid feels and I think she single-handedly sums up most of the economic headlines being shoveled down our throats everyday :-( IN the words of that incredible (coughs) Belfast band D:Ream.."Thongs can only get better!!!!!!!!!" :-)

Friday, October 01, 2010

Hey Yawl. The Joaquin Phoenix 'experiment' is out today. Did a little piece on 'I'm Still Here' for It's about Hollywood's approach to mental illness. They throw Oscars at people playing them, but if you really have a mental issue you become a leper. Have a read. Cheers.

"Dude, where's my career?"

Also, off to to see this comedy legend tonight at the o2. Can't wait :-)
And, for anyone who's ever been in the throes of love...this is for you!

Oh, and if you've seen the new movie Devil in the flicks. This is advertised as being from the "mind of M. Night. Shyamalan," well according to this clip here that could be a little lie from the man with the biggest ego in Hollywood:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hellleeeewwww peeps :0 Did a little bit about Buried, the new Ryan Reynolds flick based entirely in a coffin. Tis actually pretty good, so I rehashed a piece I did on static movies, like Rear Window and Das Boot. Have a read if ye can me lovelies. Fank oooo x

Click on das pic yah!!!!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jay Leno is not one to talk about having a fat head, but I agree with his final assessment...

So, to make you feel a little bit better or to feel more at's a compilation of pissheads falling over and generally breaking the laws of physics on gravity:

Interesting comment on youtube regards this clip; "this shit is legal and weed isn't," which is true enough. Amazing really.

And on the weed theme I went to a screening of Mr Nice today. It's not Blow, but it is still pretty good. Interviewed Howard Marks on a couple of occasions and he is really a pretty sound man...gotta say though when I interviewed him first when I was in College he was smoking a Jamaican woodbine as we spoke...unlike Bill Clinton, I most certainly inhaled. Infact, Clinton was at Oxford when Marks was there and they reckon that William most probably smoked at one of his infamous parties..."I did not have sexual relations with that woman...or maybe I did dude, I can't remember!"

Friday, September 24, 2010


This week me aul partner in comedy crime Mr Keith Cunningham and his lovely lady Rachel gave birth to a stunning little legend called Robyn. Fair play to ye dude...and there's me thinking there was no bullets in the rifle! ;-)

Here's a cracking pic I robbed off his facebook. She already has a side parting. I'd say the ol' man is jealous of that thatch!

With all the Arthur's Day celebrations, Ray Foley turning 30, and Iran declaring WWIII, some people forgot that this week Bill Murray has been 60 years upon this earth. Here's a little reminder of this comedy genius:

Just Click on the Pic :-)

Eddie McCracken...One of the greatest comedy characters.

Been a while since I threw up some tunage. Here ye go:

Monday, September 20, 2010


What an incredible game. NOt the most beautiful football ever played on that hallowed turf but for the excitement it was hard to beat. Here are a few pics from my day at Croker. Now, Jaysus where's that Alka-Seltzer after last night I need it :-/

Cork footballers do a lap of honour after the game.

What a stadium!

Apparently they're now serving Burgers in the Men's jacks at Croke Park. "Ketchup Sir?" "Erm, no thanks" :-/

I never knew Dappy from N-Dudz was a GAA man!

Saw this Down fan on the way to the game. And, lads if ye think they're great legs you might want to rethink your new found appreciation for a Christian Loubiton shoe because the fan in "dis-dress" is a bloke!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jaysus, I've been as bad as Brian Cowen on the morning of an interview with this Blog. Coughing and spluttering along throwing in every excuse imaginable, (I would have been keeping up with my blog if it wasn't for erm, just choose from one of the following...a) weather b). NAMA c). Itchy ballbags d). the dog ate it) I haven't been maintaining this little piece of 'Lennyland' very well...A little bit like his Government's attention to this country! So, here is a wee rundown of what I 've been up to recently:

Interviewed the director of new Irish thriller Savage.
It's pretty hardcore schtuff and I wouldn't bring your Granny, but as a piece of film it is incredible. On a tiny budget he has created something that looks like it cost ten times what
it cost. If you were to imagine singer Brian Kennedy turning into Travis Bickle off Taxi Driver then you're nearly there!

Have a read. Just click on the pic:

*Leave a comment if you can please. I know it's a balls to sign in but just throw in whatever you can looks good on the site. Really appreciate it thanks :-)

Up next is a piece I did with Nick Moran (More-ann if you're English!)...he will alwat=ys be known as the lead dude Eddie the card shark in Lock, Stock but he's been making his way
these days by getting behind the camera. This is the second movie he's directed and it is assured stuff...I spoke to him, co-star Con O' Neill and boxer Steve Collins in the same interview. It was like being a contestant (victim) on the X Factor...They bwere full of brilliant stories:

Just click on the pic:

Here's the man himself on set. "Oi get that fackin scene sawted naaahhhhhh"
Actually he was as sound as a pound. Real nice bloke.

In other news the legend that is Micheal O Muircheartaigh is retiring. My God I can't believe he's 80 years old. There's a few clubs around the country would probably still ID him! He hasn't a feckin wrinkle. But, in all the talk about him we've forgotten another commentating legend:

Mad Men is back on TV. Every Wed on BBC4. It's the third season of this excellent show and the politically incorrect shenanigans of the self-styled sales supermen on Madison Avenue in New York.I can think of at least two good reasons to check it out:

Giggidy giggidy goo!
Scientists take note: Please bottle this DNA.

...Oh and there's the fantastic acting and writing. Sorry, I gotb a bit distracted there...Here's a few of the Mad Men chauvinistsbest chat-up lines...

*Lads Beware: Use these on any of the ladies you speak to this weekend and you are guaranteed either a high heel facial decoration or a beer shampooing if you're lucky :-S

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Edgar Wright Vs The World

The man behind the hilarious Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and the cult comedy classic Spaced (if you've not seen it go buy the DVD now before arthritis seizes up your knuckles and you can't type it in Amazon..go buy go on...okay c'mon we'll both go...grab my hand...easy now) Well, I pressed my fingers on a keyboard and some shapes formed letters and shit to create my bit on Scott Pilgrim Vs The World!

Just click on the pic ye gorgeous bastards:

Friday, August 20, 2010


Huge game this weekend against the auld enema. I'm in enemy territory at the moment, so I feel like one of those Russian sleeper spies. If I can infiltrate the Dubs training camp I'll keep ye posted ;-)

Sorry, for the random entries on me blog at the moment. As you can imagine I am very busy at the the hedgehog sanctuary, and now I am under pressure to perform heart surgery on camels at the weekends, so I very am up the walls. But, I'm not complaining. Here's a few bits and pieces about what I'm up to at the moment.

Wrote a bit about The Expendables. It's the latest flick from Sly Stallone and he still proves at the age of 64 he can pop in the false teeth and false hip and kick ass with the youngest of them. Although, let's face it this cast has a combined age of the front row of a 'Priests' concert.

Will we soon be seeing Rambo: Nursing Home Vengeance: Part II?

See what I thought. Just click on the pic ;-)

And, if you missed about The Last Airbender. Have a butchers at my bit on M. Night Shyamalan. It seems that his middle name rhymes with the general consensus on his latest movie:

The Prem kicked off last week. So, to celebrate here is a compilation of some of the most controversial interviews with Managers. Mick McCarthy reveals why he got his meat and two veg out on the sideline. Shocking!

Some recent photos from 'Lenny's Laughable Leanings on Life' or just some flipping pics that I thought might amuse!

Can you believe the She-Wolf herself makes an appearance in my local Indian takeaway on a regular basis. "Ooh jiggle that jalfrezi Shakirs!"

Here's a blast from the past. It's a pic I took in New York of a shop that does Tattoos & Piercing which is fairly self-explanatory. The mask on the right is not.

Here's a close-up. I believe it is some kind of 'Gimp-Bong'. NOw, how do you explain that purchase on the Laser card :-/

"Is it a bird, is it a plane? NO, it's camouflage man!"

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time for some Tap!

If you're a fan of big bottoms then this is for you ;-P

Friday, August 06, 2010


If you saw the front page of the Irish Daily Mail today you will have seen the pixie wan from Xpose completely Xposing herself as she recalls the torment and pain at seeing a group set up on Facebook to get her off the tv. She blubbed through tears: "I was totally devastated when I saw the page. I'm only human and I have feelings too. It was like a knife through my heart. I've had a few knocks in my life and I am supposed to have a thick skin in this industry but it still really hurts. I couldn't sleep when I saw those comments. " I had to grab the tissues as I continued. So, Aisling what heinous, spiteful poisonous things were those evil bastards saying about's okay you can tell me. "pixie hair and manky outfits." Okay, that's a knife in the heart. And, how many of those evil-doers were in this, two...ten thousand...oh Jesus. "65 people who joined that page" HOLD ON. 65 people were in the group. Six Tee Five? Wow, that's front page news right there.

My prayers and the thoughts of the nation are with you today, Aisling. And, just to celebrate your stand here is a clip of your fine work (pre-pixie look) as you interviewed the Pussycat Dolls. How the cameraman didn't collapse in a fit of giggles I do not know.

I still think it looks like a box on wheels, but the advert is the funniest out there at the moment:

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"Ladies and Gentlemen, last orders at the bar, please!!"

Well, it's a Royal Rumble of sorts. No, steroid raging tanorexics in underpants. This rumble involves the biggest movies in the cinema at the moment.

Get ready to get your head box-officed in!

It's Box Office Royal Rumble: Twilight v Toy Story 3 v The A-Team v Karate Kid

Just click on the pic to see who wins.

Some more random pics I have taken recently and a few I dusted
off and pulled out of my curiosity drawer!

Fancy a shoe-bath in this huge Jimmy Choo?! I bought a Doc Marten sink,
it's fucking rubbish the water just comes out the holes...

Oh, that's just me and Optimus Prime. He showed me how transform and this is what happened -

Radio Ga-Ga? Not quite what I expected.

Me and a couple of the heads out on the tear. Ah, the good ol' days.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Finally got to see Inception! I think someone planted something in my head while I was asleep and encouraged me to go along. Now, that's what I call Marketing. I joke, but they will probably develop Inception like advertising scenarios very soon...I can see slick haired individuals with dollar signs for eyeballs rubbing their grubby hands going, "Man we could make fucking millions all we gotta do is get into people's dreams like in the movie!!" For now we will have to do with Magazines, Bus stops, and really ropey adverts on TV and in the Cinema...If I hear that fucking Heathers song on the Irish tourist advert I will hunt down any leprechaun or sheep featured in the ad and kidnap them until it is stopped!! Please stop that song, because I really do want to get away from head is melted :-(

In other's a little bit on Inception.

Just click on the pic.

Hope you like.

And if you have seen the movie and was as confused as i was about dreaming within dreams within dreams's Dora The Explorer to explain it all!

Friday, July 09, 2010


Aranman's Final Fantasy: Post 18

Booooooohoooooo :-(

(Don't cheer ye bastards ;-)

So, the orange men will march on Soccer City stadium, Johannesburg for the final of the FIFA 2010 World Cup final hoping for a stand-off against the Spanish. We will know when that final whistle blows whether it will be the sound of wooden clogs clomping or castanets clapping that will attempt to drown out the drone of the vuvuzelas. That skinny plastic trumpet has become the soundtrack for the past four weeks and has sent many (especially those who remortgaged the kid's education on the tv system) into the E.N.T. dept. at the local hospital and diagnosed with TT or 'Tournament Tinnitus.'

Read more, just click on the pic:

Tea, anyone? Cheeky.

It's been a while since I posted some pics, so to give a little idea about what has been catching the eyes of my mind recently (when not hiding in my wheelie-bin), here is a rundown on some randoms:

My local newsagent is living in the Past.

Advert I saw in a Magazine for holidays in Israel. Don't forget your suntan lotion, passport, oh and a bullet-proof vest if you have one.

This Greek player had a rather fruity nasty sex experience with sheep before he got on the pitch. I thought that was just reserved for Kerrymen. I remember seeing a rather flustered Pat Spillane emerge after half-time in a Munster Final with that hanging out his pants!

Sorry about this one, I tried turning it and saved it again but the BASTARD keeps coming up like this! AAAARRRGGGHHHH!

Anywho, it'll give your neck a workout. Watch out it's the 'Pops Police.' Gang members are running around shooting each other in the head. Drunk, and drugged up junkies prowl some city street...but at least we know the spuds are safe...aaaahhhhhhhh I'll sleep better now. It's the Ted and Dougal of the Gardai:

And, Lord help us if you're like me and you have only seen this now, please beware. I nearly died. It's about 2:06 into the clip and fair play man they carry on. "Hey, John are you like okay" "Oh yeah Edward, do I fucking like look okay ye c*nt!" Some people wake up from these kind of scenarios they don't.

Monday, July 05, 2010



It's got Paul Daniels, Ronaldo's baby, Germantina and loads more!

Just click on the pic:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aranman: 'Anyone but the French' World Cup Diary: Post 10

Did you watch the England game last night? My God, they're a disaster waiting to happen (or happened). Check out my blog from last night. Just click on the pic. Cheers:

Fabio Capello does a very passable impression of Benny Hill's character Fred Scuttle.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Adolf ain't happy about the Vuvuzelas!

I know this has been flogged to death at this stage but this one is actually very funny:


Report from the game, Spanish goalkeeper gets into trouble with his sport's reporting girlfriend and a little bit of Rodrigo Y Gabriela. Ola!

Just click on the pic, ye gorgeous feckers:

Also, last week I went to see a brilliant Irish made documentary called His and Hers. I thought it was absolutely fantastic and a change from all the popcorn flicks doing the rounds at the moment. It's about 70 women in The Midlands interviewed about their Fathers, Sons, Brothers, and Fiancés. It's a real slice of Irish life and made me howl with laughter as well as being very poignant. Treat yourself and go along if you can.

I interviewed the Director Ken Wardrop for Have a read here. Just click on the pic. (Warning: It contains a reference to Margaret Thatcher, but don't worry there's also a Novena Prayer!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Musical Magician...McCartney continues to have tricks up his sleeve.

Strawberry Fields? Well, not quite. It was the RDS Arena in Dublin. Have been a massive fan of The Beatles since I was a wee fella in short pants (no, that wasn't last week!) dancing around in me front room to Obi-de-obli-da, Yellow Submarine and Get Back. Although my oldest brother also treated me to the pop warblings of Phil Collins and Genesis! (Gotta say I still have a soft spot for Invisible Touch and Sussudio ;-) Never got into Macca's solo stuff and can't say I was a massive fan of Wings either. I always believed that John Lennon gave us Imagine, Paul McCartney gave us the Mull Of Kintyre and the Frog Song :-S However, he co-wrote some of the greatest and most timeless albums ever committed to the human ear. Those tracks will stand up for centuries.

Saturday night he proved his icon status, especially playing acoustic solo versions of Blackbird followed by Here Today, a song he wrote about everything he wanted to say to Lennon before he died. The place was hushed and enthralled....apart from some Ralph Lauren wearing f*cking nattering nannies behind me. They soon shut up. It was a privilege to experience such a class act. And as the show finished up he blasted out a medley of brilliant Beatles classics like my personal fave A Day in the Life, George Harrison's Something, which Macca started with a ukulele and then burst into guitar! This was followed by a finale of Live and Let Die which brought the crowd to the sky. I didn't expect the fireworks. Watch the clip and towards the end look at the screen as he holds his fingers in his ears...very funny, great craic. Sample line to crowd: "You're probably wondering why we keep changing guitars? Well, we have so many we love to show them off!"...This guy will be playing into his eighties...well I suppose he has to pay for Mill's bionic legs! ;-P of my favourite tracks and as McCartney revealed he wrote this for the Civil Rights movement in America in the 60s. Enjoy :-)

Here Today, his tribute to John Lennon:

Friday, June 11, 2010


The 'cardigan correspondent' will be reporting on all the behind-the-scenes action from all the 56 games. Sweating through the heat of the South African climate, but kept warm in the cold nights by his woolly armour, Aranman has one month to avoid getting himself into trouble, giving the lowdown on the World Cup, and not letting his jumper unravel!

His first wire has been sent. He has infiltrated the England camp hiding in Peter Crouch's kit-bag, and after that failed he dressed as a WAG but this led to him beating off the advances of 'The English squad's Quagmire' Ashley Cole who has been dry humping the walls, beds and anything that moves! Just click on the picto link to Aranman's Diary. BEWARE: IT CONTAINS EAMON DUNPHY AND SOME UNSAVOURY TRANNY SHEEP BEHAVIOUR.


Top Five Worst Soccer Movies You Never Heard Of!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup is nearly here!... I know I know, I won't state the obvious. So, to take our minds off the obvious, here is an advert from Nike called 'Write The Future.' It has Rooney looking like Groundsman Willie, Drogba actually missing the net, and Ronal-D'oh...One problem. It looks really cheap...Yeah Right...looks like it had the budget of a small African nation!

Friday, May 28, 2010


I decided to become a 'Heel's Angel' doing my movie review with KC on TodayFM last night.

It's been a bizarre head melting couple of days. On Thursday night I went to see the darkest Scottish man on the planet at the moment (and that's saying something) the suited scary hairy Frankie Boyle at Vicar Street. No relation to Susan, but as he said himself you have to go someway to be a virgin in Scotland and when you look like Gordon Brown/Mrs Doubtfire that's always going to be a possibility. Although, I can't help feeling that Subo couldn't give a flying haggis filled ballbag as she looks at her bank account. (that takes me onto the whole BEAUTY or RICH debate...well face like a rusty shovel but loads a cash or no money and you look like an extra in SATC) We'll come back to that. Just wanna say thanks to Jose for the tickets you legend. Frankie doesn't so much as step over the line but takes a running jump and leaps into the darkside. He is more like a reporter from the region of our brain that we don't want other people to see (don't get me started on the voices :-S) Anywho, so yes I went to see Boyler and he was very funny, but could have tailored his act more for an Irish audience (his parents are from Donegal for fucksake!) but he was funny and scary. Whenever he walked to one side of the stage all the audience on the other side used the opportunity to go to the toilet, it was hilarious seeing a wave of cross-legged ladies and gentleman erupt from their seats!

And to follow the most bizarre 24 hours I've had in a while, I got invited to the press screening of Sex and the City 2. You can read all about it here or just click on the pic above. There is a particular scene with Liza Minelli doing the Beyonce Single Ladies routine...I nearly crawled into the fold of the cinema seat. However, there is also a wet t-shirt scene with Charlotte's really hot Irish Nanny (played by an English actress with the worst Oirish, be-jaysus and the hooly hoo attempt at an accent i have ever heard, but she has big boobs and that's what got her the part!) They threw that in for the lads to stop them chewing their arms off while viewing.

I have a theory and will upon investigation be proved right. Sarah Jessica Parker is a product of love between Ruud Van Nistlerooy and Shirley Temple Bar (yer man who used to do the Telly Bingo on TV). I can prove it. Here is the evidence:


BTW - If you want to win yourself a 3DTV and are willing to have a laugh by dressing up as one of the SATC girls then check this out - SATC 3DTV Competition

Ahhh, but there is a catch...Sheena wants the BLOKES to do it. It seems she was inspired by my high heels prancing on the radio last night. Now, I gotta choose a dress...I'm defo going with the Samantha look...I'm such a slut!!!

Below is a collection of some of some of Frankie Boyle's darkest moments. Be warned he takes no prisoners.