Friday, April 20, 2007

PJ and his
"Eye of the Penis"interpretation of the Rocky movie theme song "Eye of the Tiger" CLASS

Georgey Porgey on Naked camera

hey peeps hows it hanging...

Well done to all the heads that won tickets to see PJ Gallagher live in City Limits 2nite and Sat nite and those of yez who won Naked camera... If ye didn't win try to get yourself down there this wkd as he is af*ckin gas man... Here's a taster above of the man himself in action...

sorry about the vid below of Will Ferrell and the Little Landlord... Youtube took it off the site cos of Copyright infringement so i have found the original source...Take two minutes from whattever you are doing and check it out its brilliant... "I got my drink on"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out The Landlord at - it's on

Have a crackin weekend and be safe ... if ye cant be safe thats grand.

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