Friday, April 27, 2007

Hope ye have a class weekend. Just to give you a few smiles heading into your weekend check out the video above... it hilarious

And if that wasn't enough to tickle your thighs here's a link to one of the best websites ever!!!!

It has tons of TV Shows, Music Videos, cartoons and Movies to feed your eyes on...

Go Well,


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

If you haven't seen it yet then please dont drop a log if you see a huge white monstrosity parked up on the bay of Cobh. The 'Navigator of the Seas" is berthed there for a few days so the rich and restless on board can sample the delights of our fine city. It might look like a floating council block tower that wouldn't look out of place on a Ballyfermot estate or on an episode of Only Fools and Horses but it certainly doesn't share the Interior Decorator of Nelson Mandela Towers... Below are a few snaps taken by our resident Receptionist Nuala... i know they look superimposed but are infact real... and a few snaps i took of the interior yesterday when i sneaked into one of the ice sculptures being used for display at the Captain's party last night.. Froze me bollocks off but it was worthit to get ye these pics...

Further info at:

"Just back her up a bit dere, just make sure the handbrake is on"

"Now where did i park that f*ckin ship?"

The Royal Promenade - looks like a posh shopping centre without kids in hoodies hanging around escalators...

Main Dining Room - "Right i'm sure i saw a Burger King around here somewhere..."

Pool Deck - Have a dip and a Veruca... Wahey...
"Why is the water changing colour near that child?"

Monday, April 23, 2007

KC caught shopping in Mayo...

Funny Video with tennis balls... v.good

Friday, April 20, 2007

PJ and his
"Eye of the Penis"interpretation of the Rocky movie theme song "Eye of the Tiger" CLASS

Georgey Porgey on Naked camera

hey peeps hows it hanging...

Well done to all the heads that won tickets to see PJ Gallagher live in City Limits 2nite and Sat nite and those of yez who won Naked camera... If ye didn't win try to get yourself down there this wkd as he is af*ckin gas man... Here's a taster above of the man himself in action...

sorry about the vid below of Will Ferrell and the Little Landlord... Youtube took it off the site cos of Copyright infringement so i have found the original source...Take two minutes from whattever you are doing and check it out its brilliant... "I got my drink on"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out The Landlord at - it's on

Have a crackin weekend and be safe ... if ye cant be safe thats grand.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well if you've ever had a Landlord call around without notice and you are living in shared accomodation then you know what this guy is going through.. Although they probably were older than a shop refund policy...


Final day of our Cork to Corfu giveaway tomorrow... Jaysus Tom from Mayfield looks like he may have stuck it in the back of the net as he sweeped the board clean today with an excellent 10 out of 10 on my General Knowledge quiz.. i thought the Shandon Tower creature (the Golden Salmon) might be a sticker but he flew it.. fair play.
Had Neil Delamere from Just for Laughs and The Panel on this morning.. As usual he is a sound guy and a top class comic which is nice...

Tomorrow is Friday ... WAHEY .. CU Later

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Yo, yo , yo... i love snow ... and maybe someday i will go to the North Pole... on second thoughts i will in me hole..."

Anyway after that freestyle masterclass i have decided to rhyme todays Blog ... only cos its quicker and i need to drop a log .... but if i was a machine then all a yuse would be my cogs... Well enough of that shite i think i will leave freestyle Irish rapping to Spiral from Big Brother...

Here's the link for Britney Spears going off her balls in an interview doin a really random impression... SCARY STUFF from the weird one..

Just copy and paste the link:,,2004580002-2007170655,00.html

If you're single and you fancy hooking up with some other like-minded single men and ladies then check then email:

Its a weekend organised by Ken O'Day for men and women twenty and upwards who are looking for partner and a good craic so check it out if thats your bag...

That's it from me so go well and get a cream for that...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well i hope ye had a good weekend ... me on the other hand ... well i don't like to complain but i spent a good part of the weekend hidden inside a cheese decorating the deli counter of a well known upmarket supermarket chain. Apart from that and retrieving a small cat from the chimney of my house on Friday night after she decided on entertaining everyone with her Santa Claus impression I am grand.

Incredible headlines in the papers today about another massacre in the US... When the f*ck are the American govt going to realise the link between selling guns in shops and people being slaughtered at work or school. The only thing you should be worried about in College is where the price of your next pint is coming from, who the f*ck stole your chicken drummers from the freezer and if that girl or boy in the dorm is up for it... not the fact that you may just be coming home in a bodybag... We played a piece of audio today which kind of sums up the extent to which the U.S. has embraced guns as part of their culture... A guy running a Pawn shop in Louisiana noticed a man entering the store with a toddler and was amazed when this guy proceeded to show his child how to hold and fire an AK-47 semi-automatic machine gun... Video link below... Unreal.

Just copy and paste this link to see this unbelievable and terrifying footage:

Plus if you want to sign the petition to FREE THE FIFA 2, Colin Healy and Gareth Farrelly please copy and paste this link here:

Gotta go and help some needy donkeys so Go Well and good luck,


Friday, April 13, 2007

The Rock

Glenda Gilson

"Thank f*ck its Friday"
Well we have come to the end of another exciting week and the words above will have been screamed from the top of every bank, shop, pub, street and building where we Corkonians ply our trade... unless of course you are still going to school and it'll be more like "Aw for f*cksake its Friday and the hols are over, where's me f*ckin uniform aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh"...

Thanks for tuning in today it means alot to myself and the Mayo giant and if i could just reach around (no pun intended) to hug ye all i would... Infact here go on take this open armed gesture and give me a cuddle... there we are a bit of love on a Friday... Ok, Ok some of the lads are finding it difficult to get in touch with yer sensitive side... no worries here look take a firm handshake... there we are now.....huuurrrmmppphhhh ah Rugby isn't it great and tough...

NOW LISTEN UP Open your eyes and ears and please give your support to the Free The Fifa 2 campaign to release the two boys at Cork City F.C. - COLIN HEALY and GARETH FARRELLY - and allow them to be free to express their class talents on the Cork City faithful. Copy and paste the link below and give F.I.F.A. the two fingers they deserve for this sham.

Nearly ready to head but before i jump on my Penny Farthing and go home to my wheelie bin I was secretly surprised at Glenda Gilson. I thought she might be a bit lost up her own arse but infact she was okay considering she was just off her flight from ... like Dublin ... like.. well she didn't really have the D4's about her and had a laugh... The same can't be said for Jarlath.. or Charlotte Regan who came on earlier... His profession is supposedly a "Comedian" yet he was about as funny as a smashed glass in the face. I would just like to apologise to anyone out there listening as he was rubbish and sounded like he was either under his duvet or just slow in the head.

Anyway enough of that, make sure you have a class weekend and Go Well.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

"All was quiet in the room until John decided to discreetly delve into his little packet of pocket brussell sprouts and blow one out. Fortunately Mary had been stung before and had prepared herself for such an eventuality"

Hi guys and gals,

If ye missed the show today then you're shit. Gimme 50 press up now biach!!!!!

On the other hand you would have been treated to our excellent guest star Lauren O Brien our first "Fan in The Van"... She runs a plumbing supply business while simultaneously keeping the REDFM Bebo Fan page up and running... and she's only twelve!!!! Here's a link to get hooked up - We really appreciate her hard work and she is from Blarney so God has shined kindly on that girl!!

We also had Niall Cunningham who is climbing Everest for the charity "Fighting Blindness". For further info search for "niallyc" on BEBO or go to

Fair play to both of them... Anyways i better head cos my head is about to squeeze itself..

See Ya..

Oh yeah we have Glenda Gilson on the show tomorrow... How random but those eyebrows have taken the country by storm... MMMMMMM QUIZZICAL

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Howdy Ma Brethren,

Here's a CAT SCRATCHING... You can't go WRONG...Introducing D.J. Fleabag

Oh yeah we had Brian McFadden on the show today

Jah Bless and look after yourselves

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ashley and Paul from the Franks were on the show this morning so i had to put together a little shrine in the studio recalling their modelling days...Above the lads had an accident with some play glue and managed to attach their hands to their faces ... Ashley gave his inspirational pose to the chiselled features of ex-Bond Timothy Dalton while Paul decided to emulate "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin... where it 'depicts a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle' ... Although he did reveal off air that infact he was having an internal struggle alright... on the bowl.

Check out the video for new single 'Fight' on youtube, it's directed by a fella called Brian McElhaney who is a graduate of the T.I.S.C.H. project at the New York Film School (previous graduates include Martin Scorsese and Todd Philips) beat off other graduates to make the video and it's excellent... He is now set to direct a video for The Strokes as revealed by Paul this morning.

Thanks for all yer texts this morning... Today was 'Accidental Text Day' on the Rooster and hundreds of ye were good enough to send in your stories about your usually late night textual healing to the wrong person. I did the same myself texting the ex it's seems like such a great idea at the time... you think their just gonna drop everything at 3 am and come running..aaaaahhhhh... there should definitely be some kind of blocker or breathalyser tube attached to the phone to ensure the text is not sent...

Hope you had a top weekend and this weather is a signal for the summer...

Salute to the Sun

Friday, April 06, 2007

Have a beltin summer styley weekend wherever you find yourself... in the back, on the beach or in the bar look after yourselves and take it handy...

Thanks for all yer texts this morning for the €500 holiday voucher... Ye were all brilliant to text in and represent yerselves all week... Unfortunately there can be only one winner and the name we pulled out was Maria Mannix working in the CUH canteen... she said she would give the voucher to her parents which is a cool gesture...

If ye are down the beach this weekend or even out the back with the milky thighs on show.. Remember to stick some lotion on or you'll end up like yer man above

If you are a man don't go to the beach alone or you could end up with S.M.S. this is a dreadful affliction that mainly effects those of us with insensitive friends or indeed no girlfriend... "Single Man's Sunburn" is not to be taken lightly and can cause serious redness of the back...

The CAMPAIGN to stop this Phenomenon starts next week on the Rooster...


If ye haven't checked out my new myspace please do as i need friends....cos i'm a loser....


Here's an alternative EASTER message from the gravelly tongued tonsils of Tom Waits...


Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Now then, now then Guys and Galls"

Jingle, jangly Jimmy is back

Yes he is on UKTV 9pm tonight... If you've never seen or heard of the "Silver Fox" who has raised about 40 million quid for charity and has run in about twenty marathons at least... oh yeah and he also invented the two turntable technique now commonplace among contemporary DJs.... then check out the show as they will be reliving some classic old moments and making dreams come true for todays's kiddies!!!

If you have always wanted your own GENUINE 'Jim'll Fix It' medal then check out this class link -

Otherwise have a gander at this link and just put a pretend one together -

Had a massive response to the REVERSE MUSIC segment we had on yesterday and today... Honestly it is CLASS and all the songs are genuine... If you have a chance look up LED ZEPELLIN - STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN and SATANIC LYRICS on the net... You should be able to get a verse of the song backwards and in it there is used the words "little torture toolshed" which i don't think has ever been used in a song... unless of course you take any hit from STEPS....mmmmmmm

Go Well and i will talk to ye soon... Have a good un

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wilkommen, Mein Kapitans,

Hope yer all well... Our pick of the week comes from these lads above... They're called Silver Trail and the song is called "One Kiss". Have had an excellent response from listeners and we here at the Rooster reckon these boyos could do very well for themselves if they keep churning out pop/chill/guitar based tunes like this... Has a very summery feel so hope ye like it and it's fantastic to have a local act on the Pick of the Week.

Don't miss tomorrow's show we have a class segment on REVERSE LYRICS Ever heard the stories about Led Zeppelin and their Satanic messages or Black Sabbath... Well we've managed to find some hidden meanings in Britney Spears and Queen.