Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well i hope ye had a good weekend ... me on the other hand ... well i don't like to complain but i spent a good part of the weekend hidden inside a cheese decorating the deli counter of a well known upmarket supermarket chain. Apart from that and retrieving a small cat from the chimney of my house on Friday night after she decided on entertaining everyone with her Santa Claus impression I am grand.

Incredible headlines in the papers today about another massacre in the US... When the f*ck are the American govt going to realise the link between selling guns in shops and people being slaughtered at work or school. The only thing you should be worried about in College is where the price of your next pint is coming from, who the f*ck stole your chicken drummers from the freezer and if that girl or boy in the dorm is up for it... not the fact that you may just be coming home in a bodybag... We played a piece of audio today which kind of sums up the extent to which the U.S. has embraced guns as part of their culture... A guy running a Pawn shop in Louisiana noticed a man entering the store with a toddler and was amazed when this guy proceeded to show his child how to hold and fire an AK-47 semi-automatic machine gun... Video link below... Unreal.

Just copy and paste this link to see this unbelievable and terrifying footage:

Plus if you want to sign the petition to FREE THE FIFA 2, Colin Healy and Gareth Farrelly please copy and paste this link here:

Gotta go and help some needy donkeys so Go Well and good luck,


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