Monday, June 29, 2009

"Whatya mean the f*ckin immersion is on!"

Des politely requests that i do the warm up

My first day back after a few days off and already i am shoulder deep in it!! I was already distraught in the knowledge that me being off the show last week may have inadvertently led to the premature demise of The King of Pop. I came to this conclusion because a previous break cost Joe Dolan his life although that was over Xmas so i can be forgiven. If you were listening to the show this morning you would have heard me accept a challenge...The challenge is to warm-up for Des Bishop at Live at The Marquee on Friday night...Now, i remember waking up in a wheelie-bin once with a leaf of lettuce as a toupe, and people pointed and laughed, but this is different i have to make them laugh WITH me not AT me, although a healthy dose of both may just get me through, and if that fails surely some inventive horse-themed shadow puppetry will go down a treat. The goal is to raise over €5,000 for a local charity between now and Friday. We will have more details for you tomorrow but if me making a ghowl out of myself can raise some cash for a brilliant cause i'm well up for it :-)

Now, time for Yoga breathing exercises ......*clench* *release* *clench* annnndddd relax *parp* whoooooopps :-S

I might be warming up for Des Bishop but i think it's Beth Ditto that needs the support...

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