Thursday, January 31, 2008

"DONT JUMP SHAYNE!!!!!!!" Kc & Wardy on top of The World...sorry The Clarion

"Well it's easy to hit those high notes, I just squeeze me nads like this"

Shayne meets Lenny..I didn't realise I was born with a blurry head...jaysus I really gotta think about buying a new wig...that one's in bits!!!!

Shayne said he liked to impress the ladies with his massive telescope

Exiting the building to avoid my fan

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sean Kingston was on the show today sounding like he had the phone strapped to his Jack Russell and every now and then you could hear him as the dog came nearer... Not a very chatty fatty to be honest and I wouldn't wanna get stuck down the boozer with him to be honest...although i wouldn't mind his cash...anyway he's playin Cork Opera House in Feb so if ye wanna see what his between songs banter is like check him out...

Tomorrow we are doing THE BEST MOVIE VILLAINS EVER!!! ...and what it takes to become one!!! Here's a clip of a movie soon to be released with a very famous cyborg villain - Terminator...This is the final instalment...JESUS V TERMINATOR out soon...

And staying on the JC theme here's a real bright idea for some religious themed souvenirs -

"Shine a light"...I don't think they realised what they were doing when they created this merchandise..."Jeffrey get in my office NOW!!!!!!!!!!"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Barney Jones and his brother aka Master Jonba Hehol, and his brother Daniel Jones, 21, aka Morda Hehol, have formed the first Jedi 'church' - in Holyhead. Here they are pictured flashing their light-sabers to the congregation

You know how it is ye stumble out of bed the head is raging from your Saturday night fever antics and you have to get the outer galactic hover bus to Mass...Well fret no more because the local Jedi Church is no longer in a Galaxy Far Far Away!!! Infact its in Wales. This morning we had Barney Jones the founder of the first ever UK Jedi Church...By day he is a Hairdresser but at the weekend he becomes Master Jonba Hehol, a Jedi Minister. Maybe he just dons the brown robes and flashes his saber down the park but he is in good company, the "religion" was born as a result of a nationwide joke in the 2001 UK census when nearly 400,000 claimed their belief system was Jedi. It sounded like the Jedi lifestyle had taken it out of him as he was more like a Manic Depressive than a Jedi Master but that could also have been the time in the morning as we know Jedi's are a bunch of pissheads so he was probably on the tear with Joda at some underground joint the night before.

Find out more here -

"Umm a fuckin barnpot he is i am thinking"

Jack Russell Jedi "Feed me or ill chop yer hands off"

Monday, January 28, 2008

We had Dave Geraghty from Bell X1 on the show this morning. Dace has been nominated for two Meteor Awards for Best Male and Best Album and has also been short-listed for a Choice Music Award for his own solo project 'Kill Your Darlings'. He was a pleasure to interview and the two lads were as sound as a pound, Dave even doing a request for the opening bars of 'Duelling Banjos' from the movie Deliverance....diddle, in , din, din ,din ,din, din ,din, (you know the one!!!!!!!!)

If you wanna give Dave your vote for the Meteor please check out:

and he has the direct links to vote

Dave Geraghty (Bell X1) and Tadhg Cooke giving it socks!!!!

The lads finally meet their heroes!!

Dave was talking about appearing on Conan O Brien last week. Here they are:
P.S. He was saying how COB was enormous even managing to overshadow Paul Noonan!!

Don't miss tomorrow's show we have the man who is creating the FIRST EVER JEDI CHURCH - so if you're a Star Wars fan you have to tune in and if you're not tune in anyway cos he might be NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008


If you're looking for stuff to do don't forget about the Battle re-enactment taking place on Saturday - Details below... and if that doesn't float your boat...get yourself down to the Blackpool Shopping Centre where I will be hosting the inaugural 'Blackpool's Got Talent' Competition...It's all in aid of Cancer Research so its an excellent cause and just a if you have a talent for juggling, singing, dancing, climbing walls, ventriloquism, rapping, break-dancing or truck-pulling then please get yourself down there - kicks off at 2pm. Father Ted and the Lovely Girls competition eat your heart out!!!

We're gonna be talking about men crying on's a taste -

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"So I was just parking the car Doctor and there was a WWII soldier, a Celtic Warrior and a Roman Centurion heading into the RedFM offices" exclaimed Pat as he made an appointment with his therapist. Possibly one of the most random photos I will take in or outside RedFM studios!! Below are the three lads we had on this morning. From the left Martin, the Roman Centurion, Andrew, Medieval Celt and finally Colm reprazentin' the WWII crew with his Private Ryan kit. It's all to do with a full scale battle taking place on Saturday 26th January called "The Battle of the Flags". If you have an interest in history or fancy bringing the family for what will be a brilliant craic it's taking place on the lower UCC training field off the western Road.

Get more info here

When would you ever get Private Ryan, Maximus and Fionn Mac Cumhaill in the same room!!??

I can see the Hollywood pitch now - "Ok Boss picture this - it's like Lord of The Rings/Gladiator/Saving Private Ryan in one movie...Lord of the Privates...I mean The Private Gladiator's Ring...erm...I'll get me coat" Seriously though we really need to get a Mel Gibson to do for Fionn MacCumhaill what he managed to achieve with William Wallace in Braveheart

A Roman "Swiss Army Knife" 2000 years before the Swiss...stick to cheese lads!!

Lenius Littilus Helmutius!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger in happier times gives a thumbs up to the camera ... and in his upcoming role as The Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight which will take on a almost macabre feeling after his death. I'm sure there will be plenty written about his life and death over the coming days but here was a man who at only 28 years of age was at the top of his game with a baby daughter but if an overdose is the cause as suspected his success clearly wasn't enough. It made the saying I saw on a calender today all the more poignant..."A man should always consider how much he has than be consumed by what he wants"

On a lighter note...Tom Cruise was a tad annoyed by the release of a video showing him lauding Scientology...Here's a brilliant parody...Enjoy

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FERRELL IS FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you know the comedy genius of William Ferrell invaded our fair isle recently amd here are the pics to prove it...Thanks to mark for sending in his pics ..Legend. (apologies for underlining don't know how to remove it!!).

Anchorman Mugatu in Zoolander

Blades of Glory

Will enjoys a pint of plain

Golden Moments!! ...back at the house...break out the garibaldi biscuits and a brew up a pot of Barry's!! "Oh yeah i had yer man Ferrell over at the house on Saturday"

In the People's Republic with Rooster listener Mark - Check dat Fro!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

I saw this...

...and it reminded me of this (Parental Guidance is advised)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Strictly Come Dancing (down Pana)!!!!

"Will you marry me?" - "Only if i get to keep the dress!"

Old man gets the hots and Don gets chatted up!!!

Eason's staff checking out the madness





Thursday, January 17, 2008

What a load of balls!!

Dangling some furry dice from a rear view mirror is probably more embarrasing - but in Virginia, one lawmaker has launched a crusade against decorating a truck's trailer hitch with a large pair of rubber testicles. State lawmaker Lionel Spruill introduced a bill Tuesday to ban displaying rubber replicas of male genitalia on vehicles.

He says it's a safety issue, because the giant rubber testicles could distract other drivers. Under his measure, displaying the ornamentation on a motor vehicle would be a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum fine of $250. He said the idea came from a constituent, whose young daughter spotted an example of the trailer hitch adornment, and asked her father to explain it. '"I didn't know what to tell her,'"

He said he will not hesitate to bring a set of $24.95 trailer testicles with him for a legislative show-and-tell. 'I'm going to do it,' Spruill told a handful of reporters after Tuesday's House session adjourned. 'I'm going to bring them out here and show them to you till they tell me to stop.'

CAUTION: Hanging from a rearview mirror may cause bruising to chin...SO BEWARE.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I think Daisy would make a fine replacement on The it looks like Dunphy's eyebrows are making a bid to host their own show.

We were chatting about this 'Party Boy' this morning:

An Australian teenager who held a wild house party which ended with police calling in air support was Wednesday arrested over the incident, which is beginning to turn him into global cult figure.
Sixteen-year-old Corey Delaney had refused to return to his parent's two-storey home in the Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren since the party he advertised on the Internet descended into mayhem on Saturday night.
Some 500 people turned up for the event and after neighbours called in the authorities, police cars and neighbours' property were damaged and 30 officers, a helicopter and the dog squad were needed to subdue the revellers.

Delaney had also refused to take phone calls from his parents, telling national television on Tuesday night: "I haven't really talked to them because every time they try to call, I don't answer."

On Tuesday, he was reportedly relaxing at a Melbourne beach with girls as his step-father described him as a "show pony" who needed to be punished, and appealed for him to come home.

The interview he conducted with an Australian current affairs show has been posted on the YouTube video website and has already attracted thousands of viewers, while his story has been broadcast around the world.

During the Australian interview Delaney explains that the party was originally intended as "just a get-together with a couple of mates" and makes a half-hearted apology to his parents' neighbours.

But he refuses to remove his glasses, irritating the presenter.

"Nah, nah, I'll leave these on, I like them," he says.

"I'll say sorry but I'm not taking off my glasses."

When the interviewer asks Delaney what advice he would give to other teenagers thinking about hosting a party while their parents are away, he suggests he runs it for them.

And when she advises him to "go away and take a long hard look" at himself, he replies: "I have. Everybody has. They love it."


P.S. - According to news reports Delaney has been offered a job as a party planner...he may have to use some of the cash to foot the $20,000 dollar police bill...Corey Delaney Party Liaison (although i cant see him being very good at communicating with clients, "Its one grunt for yes, and two grunts for No")

If you think that's weird check this out - CRUISE STANDS UP FOR HIS CAUSE

P.S. His reference to "KSW" is a buzz-phrase meaning "Keep Scientology Working" and not the "Korean Study Workshop"

which is just to help teachers towards a culture of peace...its an easy mistake to make

Monday, January 14, 2008

He looks like a lab experiment between Frankie Muniz and Doogie Howser MD...

Words are useless at this point...Meet "Bernice Jausch" or "Dax Flame" he is the latest Youtube phenomenon...the video below is heading for 500,000 hits!!

...nice denim cut-offs:

Friday, January 11, 2008

Take yourself back to the heady days of Joe Bloggs jeans, Naff Co.54, dodgy t-shirts and really ropey pants...i remember 'Beetle Crushers' or 'Brothel Creepers', those yokes with the huge soles as modelled by Teddy Boys in the 1950s and today by a certain Paul Hewson aka Mr. Bono were all the rage in the mid to late 80s!! Those were dark times in this country and just before i had to emigrate but at least we kept our sense of humour with the clothes...

1987 is the time when these two Dutch headers MC Miker G & DJ Sven were topping the charts with this rap classic...a good advert why the legalisation of dope in Holland has led to at least two casualties...

I couldn't possibly have an Eighties flashback without these young bong blasters from 1982 this is Musical Youth with all time classic "Pass The Dutchie" (N.B. something tells me i don't think its about passing around a guy called Jan from Holland) -

And certainly not forgetting my You Say We Play winner today..."Din, din, din, din" Oh Yeah listen to that synth...take it away Spandex Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

PLEASE BEWARE OF A SCAM that is taking place all over the city...Gangs of confidence tricksters are robbing people of thousands...A quick witted passerby was able to take this pic on their mobile...just be alert:

Feck the rain anyway...hope the canoe doesn't get clamped in the carpark...

If you need a bit of cheering up check out this video its brilliant I was seriously in tears when i first saw...Check it Out...The Evil Eye Baby..."Watcha talking 'bout Willis?"

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Can I have your recollections of a true wrestling legend...............Captain Redneck - Dick Murdock"

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


To quote a Lionel Rich-Tea song, "Hello! Is it me you're looking for?" Apologies for this morning. If proof was ever there that the premise for movies like I-Robot and technology taking over the world are bollocks, all you need is a cold spell and a storm to stop it dead!!! if you were blindly pawing around on your radio dial like a randy adolescent at a teenage disco then you would have seen that our signal disappeared!!! People are working on it as we speak ....SO DON'T WORRY WE'LL BE BACK TOMORROW AFTER DEFEATING KANG AND HIS ROBOTIC EMPERORS....or whenever the cables and stuff are fixed.......................IN THE MEANTIME

Hope ye had a brilliant Christmas and New Year..........i'm writing this squinting my eyes or eye should i say as i have still not removed the Champagne cork from my socket after a rather unfortunate NYE celebration fiasco...but enough about that and i don't even want to tell you about my hurty knee...some of us just battle on *bites knuckles and looks to the Lord* As you may have heard I managed to get my boney arse over to the incredible surroundings of the 'Eternal City', Rome for my New Year's celebrations. It has to be one of the most inspiring and beautiful places i have ever been in my life and i used to reserve that kind of accolade for Blarney ;-) "But Father Lenny the other places will be offended" ..."Oh sorry i meant to say all the places are beautiful places" PHEW............ Anywho, below is a selection of pics for your perusal and amusement of some of the more bizarre things that affected me over the course of five days....

First up is the Colosseum...

At it's height back in B.C. that's Before Christ i prefer to use B.L. that's Before Lenny *coughs into fist* anyway shitloads of years before TV was poisoned by Big Brother this was the kind of entertainment to be found on the streets of Rome. Like an ancient Old Trafford (it could hold 70,000!!) crowds gathered to watch feens with armour, big forks and a death wish battle Hippos, leopards, Bulls, Giraffes (what the fuck is a giraffe gonna do to ya..."Ooooohhhh i have a deadly neck move...oh fuck i slipped bollocks cant get up...ah well") Alligators and amongst a whole array of other crazy shit Caledonian Bears!! Basically theses hairy dudes were Grizzlies from ancient Scotland all pumped up on Tennents Super and boxed wine probably sporting a wee kilt and a ginger wig..."Eh ill just have a swally a this Bucky then i'll tear yer heed reet off...C'mere ye Barshtard" Over 9,000 animals were killed in the first year alone and this went on for over 500 years...Animal conservation Roman style.

One of the myths about the Colosseum and as seen in movies like Gladiator is the thumbs-up signal to suggest approval. This is a myth as a 'THUMBS DOWN' signal from the crowd meant the Gladiator would survive...Thumbs down meant he could "stay on earth" Thumbs-Up meant he would "go to heaven or the Gods" so next time you find yourself in the midst of Gladiatorial combat on Patrick street you'll know!!!

A statue of Nero once stood alongside the Colosseum. Made entirely of solid gold it towered over 50 METRES!!!! above the plebs below...However it was plundered years later and made into thousands of those huge bangly earrings, tragic.

More ruins to check out. This used to be a palace of Nero's and Hadrian and a night it has a really eerie feel to it...or maybe that was the guy in the mac following me...erm..spooky.

There's something really Thong with this picture..."Strictly No Ballroom"

They say a photo speaks a thousand words..this just says "Balls" "Neck" "Whiplash" "Doctor"

The Gnomefather

The funkiest Pimping Gnome i have ever seen...

The "Creation of Adam" ... of the masterpieces painted by Michelangelo in the jaw-dropping Sistine Chapel....

...and "Fist of Fury"

...a poster as seen on the streets of Rome advertising a club night!!!!!!