Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!

Apologies for the rubbish blogging but I've been washing my hair a lot lately and once the spell of the Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner casts it's spell on me I find it impossible to leave the shower as I am engulfed by a follicle orgasm...And DON'T get me started on my Magnum ice ceam time...jaysus shut the windows, pour a hot bath, phone off the hook (well on vibrate who owns a landline these days apart from the police and fire brigade??!?)

So, anyhoo I am still in existence on this planet Earth and for all my three readers (although this number has more than likely dropped to a half...thanks Mum I know your there for me ) I am truly sorry...although apologies are all over the news this week with the Scotsman and the hairy one from Sky Sports getting the sack over their untiring campaign work for Women's Rights.

Is it any surprise that a man who looks like a block of thick shit granite with a cough of blond spurt on top and a man so hairy that he needs not the use of gloves or even a shirt in the winter turn out to be ignorant bullies who think that acting like a kid in a playground who really fancies a girl but thinks the best way to get her to like him is to bully her and using chat-up lines that would be embarrassing in a school disco should be bumped off the telly?

The more I read about them the more I realise how hated they were by ALL the crew - male and female. No surprise how this stuff got leaked then.

Andy Gray has gone back to live in Bedrock. And, I hear Richard Keys has headed off for a twelve week 'Help With Hairy Hands' program at Saint Clabert's. ("I really shouln't be here!")

Here's a few vids that sum up the week:

Some classic Apres Match action:

Well I suppose they learned from the best:

Check out what I got up to last night!