Monday, July 26, 2010

Finally got to see Inception! I think someone planted something in my head while I was asleep and encouraged me to go along. Now, that's what I call Marketing. I joke, but they will probably develop Inception like advertising scenarios very soon...I can see slick haired individuals with dollar signs for eyeballs rubbing their grubby hands going, "Man we could make fucking millions all we gotta do is get into people's dreams like in the movie!!" For now we will have to do with Magazines, Bus stops, and really ropey adverts on TV and in the Cinema...If I hear that fucking Heathers song on the Irish tourist advert I will hunt down any leprechaun or sheep featured in the ad and kidnap them until it is stopped!! Please stop that song, because I really do want to get away from head is melted :-(

In other's a little bit on Inception.

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Hope you like.

And if you have seen the movie and was as confused as i was about dreaming within dreams within dreams's Dora The Explorer to explain it all!

Friday, July 09, 2010


Aranman's Final Fantasy: Post 18

Booooooohoooooo :-(

(Don't cheer ye bastards ;-)

So, the orange men will march on Soccer City stadium, Johannesburg for the final of the FIFA 2010 World Cup final hoping for a stand-off against the Spanish. We will know when that final whistle blows whether it will be the sound of wooden clogs clomping or castanets clapping that will attempt to drown out the drone of the vuvuzelas. That skinny plastic trumpet has become the soundtrack for the past four weeks and has sent many (especially those who remortgaged the kid's education on the tv system) into the E.N.T. dept. at the local hospital and diagnosed with TT or 'Tournament Tinnitus.'

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Tea, anyone? Cheeky.

It's been a while since I posted some pics, so to give a little idea about what has been catching the eyes of my mind recently (when not hiding in my wheelie-bin), here is a rundown on some randoms:

My local newsagent is living in the Past.

Advert I saw in a Magazine for holidays in Israel. Don't forget your suntan lotion, passport, oh and a bullet-proof vest if you have one.

This Greek player had a rather fruity nasty sex experience with sheep before he got on the pitch. I thought that was just reserved for Kerrymen. I remember seeing a rather flustered Pat Spillane emerge after half-time in a Munster Final with that hanging out his pants!

Sorry about this one, I tried turning it and saved it again but the BASTARD keeps coming up like this! AAAARRRGGGHHHH!

Anywho, it'll give your neck a workout. Watch out it's the 'Pops Police.' Gang members are running around shooting each other in the head. Drunk, and drugged up junkies prowl some city street...but at least we know the spuds are safe...aaaahhhhhhhh I'll sleep better now. It's the Ted and Dougal of the Gardai:

And, Lord help us if you're like me and you have only seen this now, please beware. I nearly died. It's about 2:06 into the clip and fair play man they carry on. "Hey, John are you like okay" "Oh yeah Edward, do I fucking like look okay ye c*nt!" Some people wake up from these kind of scenarios they don't.

Monday, July 05, 2010



It's got Paul Daniels, Ronaldo's baby, Germantina and loads more!

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