Thursday, May 26, 2011


Finally, I'm allowed to indulge my tranvestism...Eddie Izzard would be proud.

Some Pics From Hangover: Part 2 Premiere

Myself and Andrea Roche...she was desperate for a pic so I obliged. I'm so nice.

Bernard Dunne and myself exchanging boxing tips.

That's a beard De Niro would be proud of...he might be out of the ring
but he's still a whippet.

What's a Premiere without the totty eh!?

Hot blond. Check.
Rabid monkey in sleeveless denim jacket. Check.

Chatting to ex Expose man Sean Munsanje. Sound guy.

Look it's Paul O' Grady. Wow.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Week of The Icons - 'BOBAMA'

Apart from the clich├ęd pint of Guinness shot, the baby and old lady hugging, the Tome Cruise moment on the mobile phone, the Richard Pryor inspired speech, this was the highlight for me:

Great advert for BMW. Check out how thick the doors are!

First we get the Queen talking Gaelige, then Barack Obama gets a sesh on in the before unknown Ballygobackwards backwater of Moneygall, (I bet he was probably the first black man, never mind President of The United States to sup a pint in that pub!) now forever on the map as 'Obamaville' it was an incredible day for Irish pride. Can we organise more state visits please!? In the past fortnight I have completely forgotten all the acronyms; IMF, ECB , BOI, AIB, EMF, and it's just been positivity on the airwaves. And, how much better does that feel? WEll, the answer my friend is blowing in the wind (and fuck me it was windy yesterday especially when Barack and Michelle arrived in Ireland nearly blown off the runway and then greeted by Darby O'Gillmore and The Little People) ....Okay so I robbed that 'Blowin' line from a certain Mr Robert Allen Zimmerman...AKA Bob Dylan who is celebrating 70 years on this planet but Zimmerman is not ready yet for the Zimmerframe. A living legend is a term thrown around but he is the true embodiment. A chameleon of a man he is the only living artist among a select group (Cohen, Waits, Young, McCartney, Simon, Moore etc.) that stands head and shoulders above what is out today and like a complicated fossil he just doesn't want to be "got."

"Well I try my best to be just like I am, but everybody wants me to be just like them."

Pretty much sums him up. Happy Birthday Mr Zimmerman. And thanks.

Here are some of my favourite pics of the little Jew who knew.

Taken in Woodstock in 1968 this is possibly my favourite Dylan photograph. A large print hangs in the Morrison Hotel in Dublin and the first time I saw it I just stopped. It was taken by rock photographer Elliot Landy and one day when I have some money "it will be mine!"

Simple truth...either that or waiting for the bus.

Looking like Joyce or Rimbaud this could have been taken at the turn of the century.

Good hair. Better scarf.

Classic young Dylan.

With the legend Johnny Cash. Check out their duet 'Girl of the North Country' on
Nashville Skyline. Sublime.

Braincogs on fire.

With his son Jakob.

And after selling over a 1oo million albums, the Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize nomination, 20 million Google pages, over 30 studio albums and at least 500 songs what can you possibly choose as his greatest musical moment? This wins hands down:

Although, let's face it this is a close second:

Yes. That is Bob Dylan rapping with Kurtis Blow in 1986 but we all know that Dylan wrote and performed the first rap song way back in the 60s:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Security is tighter than a Robin's ringpiece. Cordons left, right and centre in the Capital. Here are a few pics taken of O'Connell street and the surounding area. I was asked for ID three times and had my bags checked. Obviously I don't mind, but today was not a good day to be carrying around my rather extensive collection of 'Weather Ladies Wear Rubber' pornography.

I love a gate but this is offence-ive... Sorry.

"If I knew you were wearing the same dress I would have changed."

"Erm, now lads we're we all supposed to gather here?"
"Yes Pat, this two metre squared area is notorious for Ra heads."

It's unusual that there's so much security when she was already out last night banging yokes at a club in Ballyfermot!

"Oooh Phillip one is mashed!"

Monday, May 09, 2011


Batboo...I mean Babes!

The Super Family...check out Clark Kent (Dad) in the background. This lady made the Super Dog costume herself. This dog was HUGE but brilliantly friendly...there's a clip of me chatting to him in the video below...he was chilled cos he would kick my ass no problem!

Supergran? Looks more like the guy in Total Recall :-/

Super Smurf! (I thought she was Super Sperm...hunting for an Ovary!)

Out of Bat Breath?! This little dude looks a bit like Chris from Family Guy.

Little Bat Dude and his Mother aka...Super Mummy! Genius.

Even Obama and co. were getting in on the act!

Is a bird? Is it a plane?

Noooooooo, it's me dressed up as in a glorified onesy that is otherwise known as Batman Light, The Boy Wonder, the Mikey Graham of the Superhero world...Robin!

Reported for on the Superher Fun Run raising money for Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Crumlin. The weather was fantastic (I'm sure I spotted Gerry Fleming aka Met Eireann Man keeping the rain off!) and it was amazing to see some of the efforts that people went to and for such an incredible cause.

Here is the video:

If you want to see some pics go here: