Monday, February 15, 2010


It's AC Milan versus Manchester United tonight in the Champions League. You can catch the game on TV3. Bear in mind that the Brit Awards are on UTV, so there could be many TV wars across the country tonight. My eyes will be locked like a sniper sight on the San Siro where a certain Brand Beckham will be playing against the club that created the advertising phenomenon. He's bound to float one or a hundred long balls across midfield but I gotta feeling, a bit like the Black Eyed Peas that he will get sent off. This will be due to him trying too hard in front of Fergie, (ooh another B.E.P. reference) like a kid who wants to prove his Dad wrong for letting him go. However, I think most eyes will be on The Rooney. Beckham described him last week as the "best striker around right now," so we'll have to see if he's proved right. So, instead of Wayne getting all the attention tonight let's spare a thought for his little brother Graham, who is trying to get in on a little of his big bro's limelight. Aaahhhhhhh...

Question is...would you buy a hoover from this kid? Maybe not, unless you wanted the Cops to charge you with receiving stolen goods:

So, if you're ever stuck for someone to open your supermarket/club/shop/outdoor toilet facility, then little Graham Rooney will probably cost less than a bag of chips. Bear in mind though, if you advertise that 'ROONEY TO OPEN NEW STORE' and Graham walks out; just be sure to be prepared to fend off a baying mob of soccer fans and probably best to have the windows boarded up incase of bricking.

Here is the REAL Rooney doing what he does best:

Funny advert: Rooney hits the spot!

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