Monday, February 01, 2010


We had Lisa Marie on this morning. She was the first Irish lady to appear on Soccer AM as the Soccerette. More importantly she is the first Rebel on the show. I don't get it though...i've had hair between my arse cheeks for years and i've never been invited on the show :-(

It was a good weekend for the Rebels. Brendan O Connor fronted his own chatshow taking over the warm patch left by Tubridy, (although I imagine the arse imprint left by BOC will be significantly larger) and proving that he has the smarts to get him going full time. However, he refused to question Jim Corr and his conspiracy theories, and that was disappointing. "So, Brendan the Haiti Earthquake was caused by the Americans sending loads of microwaves into the sky." Yes, Jim, of course it was. I think the years of touring with three rides who happen to be his sisters have played havoc with his mind. Plus, the fact that he has too much free time, too much available cash and has "runaway" tattooed into his brain causing a mind melt.

Let's remember Brendan in his finest moment. BTW this was Produced by RedFM's Stevie G. I believ he is still living off the proceeds. Word.

And my WTF video for Monday. Here is Jason Byrne as you've never seen him before. Bill Murray is on the ball wha?

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