Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It was all about the Roonster last night, as the 'Scouse Mighty Mouse' bagged two goals in one of the most exciting and ridiculous games I have seen in a long time. Milan should have been three up by half time, but as me Mammy used to say, "if you don't finish you won't get your reward" If you didn't know my Mother was Head Coach at Blarney Celtic, then spent five seasons at Roma, so she knows all about Italian play...Weeelll, okay she was talking about me dinner, but hey it works on the same level. Although, if Posh was watching last night, she probably choked on her daily chip. "DAVVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!" And, wasn't Paul Scholes' goal an example of clinical finishing, they practice that move in training every day *coughs*

I have a theory of my own. Check out this picture of Beckham in some pre-training before last night. Notice the huge GREEN THING in the background. That's Godzilla, and he's one big, angry, mutha f*cka. He also happens to be a United fan and watched the game looking in over the stands. Milan had about ten shots on goal...only scored two. Go figure.

"Score, and I'll eat yeah....RROOAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR"

And finally, did you hear the one about the Elephant, the Mutt and the Orangutan? Well, you're about to:

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