Monday, February 08, 2010


Just having a random searchafter the show and came across this hilarious boardgame advert from the 70s, although it actually looks like the 1870s! And when you find one weird advert they all start coming out of the woodwork:

"You just gotta bust your opponents balls!"

Something tells me Keano had this game growing up!! ;-)

And if that wink at the end wasn't disturbing enough, check this madness...aaarrggghhhhh:

Oh Lord, it gets worse :-S

I think they had an Irish version called 'Piss Pants Patrick'... "Just watch as he loses control of his bodily functions after going on the sesh!"

And finally in a completely different note. Check out this video of Liam Sheehan, the Cork Magician who was on the show on FRiday and made a goldfish appear from a €20 note!!

TMO - Liam Sheehan Street Magic Part 2 from Brendan Canty on Vimeo.

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