Friday, June 18, 2010


Report from the game, Spanish goalkeeper gets into trouble with his sport's reporting girlfriend and a little bit of Rodrigo Y Gabriela. Ola!

Just click on the pic, ye gorgeous feckers:

Also, last week I went to see a brilliant Irish made documentary called His and Hers. I thought it was absolutely fantastic and a change from all the popcorn flicks doing the rounds at the moment. It's about 70 women in The Midlands interviewed about their Fathers, Sons, Brothers, and Fianc├ęs. It's a real slice of Irish life and made me howl with laughter as well as being very poignant. Treat yourself and go along if you can.

I interviewed the Director Ken Wardrop for Have a read here. Just click on the pic. (Warning: It contains a reference to Margaret Thatcher, but don't worry there's also a Novena Prayer!)

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