Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Here's me write up from meeting Howard Marks and Rhys Ifans on the roof of U2's hotel, The Clarence. Twas the morning after the night before and both were well oiled. Although, Ifans was pretty hammered, he was very funny and chatty...Enjoy!

Click on the pic innit!!!!

Controversial new VW Polo advert that Niall 'Nando' Breslain, he of The Blizzards threw this up on his Facebook page, so I have robbed it.

And while I was looking at that one, I found this. I know w=exactly how this kid feels and I think she single-handedly sums up most of the economic headlines being shoveled down our throats everyday :-( IN the words of that incredible (coughs) Belfast band D:Ream.."Thongs can only get better!!!!!!!!!" :-)

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