Monday, June 14, 2010

The Musical Magician...McCartney continues to have tricks up his sleeve.

Strawberry Fields? Well, not quite. It was the RDS Arena in Dublin. Have been a massive fan of The Beatles since I was a wee fella in short pants (no, that wasn't last week!) dancing around in me front room to Obi-de-obli-da, Yellow Submarine and Get Back. Although my oldest brother also treated me to the pop warblings of Phil Collins and Genesis! (Gotta say I still have a soft spot for Invisible Touch and Sussudio ;-) Never got into Macca's solo stuff and can't say I was a massive fan of Wings either. I always believed that John Lennon gave us Imagine, Paul McCartney gave us the Mull Of Kintyre and the Frog Song :-S However, he co-wrote some of the greatest and most timeless albums ever committed to the human ear. Those tracks will stand up for centuries.

Saturday night he proved his icon status, especially playing acoustic solo versions of Blackbird followed by Here Today, a song he wrote about everything he wanted to say to Lennon before he died. The place was hushed and enthralled....apart from some Ralph Lauren wearing f*cking nattering nannies behind me. They soon shut up. It was a privilege to experience such a class act. And as the show finished up he blasted out a medley of brilliant Beatles classics like my personal fave A Day in the Life, George Harrison's Something, which Macca started with a ukulele and then burst into guitar! This was followed by a finale of Live and Let Die which brought the crowd to the sky. I didn't expect the fireworks. Watch the clip and towards the end look at the screen as he holds his fingers in his ears...very funny, great craic. Sample line to crowd: "You're probably wondering why we keep changing guitars? Well, we have so many we love to show them off!"...This guy will be playing into his eighties...well I suppose he has to pay for Mill's bionic legs! ;-P of my favourite tracks and as McCartney revealed he wrote this for the Civil Rights movement in America in the 60s. Enjoy :-)

Here Today, his tribute to John Lennon: