Friday, May 28, 2010


I decided to become a 'Heel's Angel' doing my movie review with KC on TodayFM last night.

It's been a bizarre head melting couple of days. On Thursday night I went to see the darkest Scottish man on the planet at the moment (and that's saying something) the suited scary hairy Frankie Boyle at Vicar Street. No relation to Susan, but as he said himself you have to go someway to be a virgin in Scotland and when you look like Gordon Brown/Mrs Doubtfire that's always going to be a possibility. Although, I can't help feeling that Subo couldn't give a flying haggis filled ballbag as she looks at her bank account. (that takes me onto the whole BEAUTY or RICH debate...well face like a rusty shovel but loads a cash or no money and you look like an extra in SATC) We'll come back to that. Just wanna say thanks to Jose for the tickets you legend. Frankie doesn't so much as step over the line but takes a running jump and leaps into the darkside. He is more like a reporter from the region of our brain that we don't want other people to see (don't get me started on the voices :-S) Anywho, so yes I went to see Boyler and he was very funny, but could have tailored his act more for an Irish audience (his parents are from Donegal for fucksake!) but he was funny and scary. Whenever he walked to one side of the stage all the audience on the other side used the opportunity to go to the toilet, it was hilarious seeing a wave of cross-legged ladies and gentleman erupt from their seats!

And to follow the most bizarre 24 hours I've had in a while, I got invited to the press screening of Sex and the City 2. You can read all about it here or just click on the pic above. There is a particular scene with Liza Minelli doing the Beyonce Single Ladies routine...I nearly crawled into the fold of the cinema seat. However, there is also a wet t-shirt scene with Charlotte's really hot Irish Nanny (played by an English actress with the worst Oirish, be-jaysus and the hooly hoo attempt at an accent i have ever heard, but she has big boobs and that's what got her the part!) They threw that in for the lads to stop them chewing their arms off while viewing.

I have a theory and will upon investigation be proved right. Sarah Jessica Parker is a product of love between Ruud Van Nistlerooy and Shirley Temple Bar (yer man who used to do the Telly Bingo on TV). I can prove it. Here is the evidence:


BTW - If you want to win yourself a 3DTV and are willing to have a laugh by dressing up as one of the SATC girls then check this out - SATC 3DTV Competition

Ahhh, but there is a catch...Sheena wants the BLOKES to do it. It seems she was inspired by my high heels prancing on the radio last night. Now, I gotta choose a dress...I'm defo going with the Samantha look...I'm such a slut!!!

Below is a collection of some of some of Frankie Boyle's darkest moments. Be warned he takes no prisoners.