Monday, September 27, 2010

Jay Leno is not one to talk about having a fat head, but I agree with his final assessment...

So, to make you feel a little bit better or to feel more at's a compilation of pissheads falling over and generally breaking the laws of physics on gravity:

Interesting comment on youtube regards this clip; "this shit is legal and weed isn't," which is true enough. Amazing really.

And on the weed theme I went to a screening of Mr Nice today. It's not Blow, but it is still pretty good. Interviewed Howard Marks on a couple of occasions and he is really a pretty sound man...gotta say though when I interviewed him first when I was in College he was smoking a Jamaican woodbine as we spoke...unlike Bill Clinton, I most certainly inhaled. Infact, Clinton was at Oxford when Marks was there and they reckon that William most probably smoked at one of his infamous parties..."I did not have sexual relations with that woman...or maybe I did dude, I can't remember!"

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