Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jaysus, I've been as bad as Brian Cowen on the morning of an interview with this Blog. Coughing and spluttering along throwing in every excuse imaginable, (I would have been keeping up with my blog if it wasn't for erm, just choose from one of the following...a) weather b). NAMA c). Itchy ballbags d). the dog ate it) I haven't been maintaining this little piece of 'Lennyland' very well...A little bit like his Government's attention to this country! So, here is a wee rundown of what I 've been up to recently:

Interviewed the director of new Irish thriller Savage.
It's pretty hardcore schtuff and I wouldn't bring your Granny, but as a piece of film it is incredible. On a tiny budget he has created something that looks like it cost ten times what
it cost. If you were to imagine singer Brian Kennedy turning into Travis Bickle off Taxi Driver then you're nearly there!

Have a read. Just click on the pic:

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Up next is a piece I did with Nick Moran (More-ann if you're English!)...he will alwat=ys be known as the lead dude Eddie the card shark in Lock, Stock but he's been making his way
these days by getting behind the camera. This is the second movie he's directed and it is assured stuff...I spoke to him, co-star Con O' Neill and boxer Steve Collins in the same interview. It was like being a contestant (victim) on the X Factor...They bwere full of brilliant stories:

Just click on the pic:

Here's the man himself on set. "Oi get that fackin scene sawted naaahhhhhh"
Actually he was as sound as a pound. Real nice bloke.

In other news the legend that is Micheal O Muircheartaigh is retiring. My God I can't believe he's 80 years old. There's a few clubs around the country would probably still ID him! He hasn't a feckin wrinkle. But, in all the talk about him we've forgotten another commentating legend:

Mad Men is back on TV. Every Wed on BBC4. It's the third season of this excellent show and the politically incorrect shenanigans of the self-styled sales supermen on Madison Avenue in New York.I can think of at least two good reasons to check it out:

Giggidy giggidy goo!
Scientists take note: Please bottle this DNA.

...Oh and there's the fantastic acting and writing. Sorry, I gotb a bit distracted there...Here's a few of the Mad Men chauvinistsbest chat-up lines...

*Lads Beware: Use these on any of the ladies you speak to this weekend and you are guaranteed either a high heel facial decoration or a beer shampooing if you're lucky :-S

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