Monday, September 20, 2010


What an incredible game. NOt the most beautiful football ever played on that hallowed turf but for the excitement it was hard to beat. Here are a few pics from my day at Croker. Now, Jaysus where's that Alka-Seltzer after last night I need it :-/

Cork footballers do a lap of honour after the game.

What a stadium!

Apparently they're now serving Burgers in the Men's jacks at Croke Park. "Ketchup Sir?" "Erm, no thanks" :-/

I never knew Dappy from N-Dudz was a GAA man!

Saw this Down fan on the way to the game. And, lads if ye think they're great legs you might want to rethink your new found appreciation for a Christian Loubiton shoe because the fan in "dis-dress" is a bloke!!

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