Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Picture of the week:


Add a caption for your own amusement!!

P.S. Is it me or does yer man look like David Coulthard??

Plus. It looks like Cork has got it's very own 25 Cent or Eminempty. Check this feeeeeeeeeeen out biyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! It's - "Carrigaline's premier Hip Hop artist Dr. Feekinstein's track "It's Alive", as featured in the upcoming documentary "Steamin and Dreamin: The Grandmaster Cash Story"

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Conor said...

Hey Lenny Didn't know how to send ya a private message so I said I'd send one the the whole world can see. I'm Dr. Feekinstein aka Conor Stanley and I was wondering if you'd have us (grandmaster cash and myself) on your show to promote the launch of our feature length DVD "Steamin and Dreamin: the Grandmaster Cash Story" It makes Cork look like the Wire, here's the trailer and here's my other music video ice cream
The launch is on in the Pavilion on Wed 16th of December. If you could get back to me either way at that'd be unreal nice wan.