Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I have been accused in the past for engaging in some pretty awful dance moves...a particular favourite for many years was my "Leroy From Prodigy" rubbery legs ankle smashing jig dance. And, if you have checked out my pics from the P.P.I's on Friday night you wil also see that i am a big fan of the slow dance...especially when the legendary Michael Bolton is blasting out....Ooohh, i'm weak for a curly mullet. Well, here is a clip of Steven Tyler, lead singer with the legendary and pretty ancient at this stage rockers Aerosmith. He tries to do a James Brown style twist and ends up flying into the audience. Here is a man who was once pronounced dead on stage with his drug use...this must have come close in the shame ranking:

Shouuld've taken this guy's advice and stick to what you know...

And finally, so long to this ignorant fool and thief of taxpayers money...this Blog entry is dedicated to the removal of John O'Donoghue who bathed in glory while kids went to school in rotting mobile buildings and the waiting list piled up at the hospitals. I wonder how many lives could have been saved at Crumlins C.U.H or The Mercy with €550,000 while he swanned around untouched. HE SHOULD PAY BACK THE CASH WITH WORK ON A WARD. GOOD LUCK MATE.

just click on to's sickening

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