Wednesday, October 21, 2009


What the f*ck was Lily Allen thinking? Succesful solo artist attempts to destroy any shred of credibility by appearing in a show that makes Fair City look like it has the production values of Lost. I heard Neighbours recruit their Actors from the local forest:

Also on today's show we had the pleasure of meeting the Rebel behind Hairy Baby clothing company, Darragh Murphy. He worked hard to get his idea for funny Irish T-Shirts off the ground and is now flying so fair play...REBELS ABU! It's a very simple concept = Very funny T-Shirts with proper Irish sayings, like "I LOVE TAY" and "Suckin' Diesel" and not a picture of a sheep in a field or an old lady who's about 400 years old spinning yarn outside a whitewash cottage up the Wesht. Check out the site - HAIRYBABY

Here's a few of my personal faves:

...i think you'll find all the girls have lovely bottoms

I don't think a day goes by when i don't her my ol' lade say this!

Who doesn't??

Babies speak their mind!

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