Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yes, we have all heard them. I remember an advert for a particular pet range firm which we were running out on RedFM which included the phrase, "Ooh, that's a lovely pussy." As far as i can remember it was changed as the word "pussy" has now entered the language leaving little to the imagination. Jeez, i reminisce sometimes growing up in the 1940s when i was a gay young lad who loved nothing better than to stroke Granny's pussy. Now, that is taken the wrong way. Disappointed.

Anywho, im thinking of doing a feature later this week on "Inappropriate Adverts" We had a texter today concerned at the overgrown state of his new love's armpits so here's one for you to get started:

This is for a lady shaver...More George Bush than Diarmuid Gavin:

Drink is disgusting but advert is quite funny...the reality behind this is a little skewed :-S

And finally, could vegetables be any sexier...oooh pass the brocolli:

N.B. presumably they were boiling the veggies at the same time. STOP GLOBAL WARMING CARESS A CARROT!!

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