Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why can't we make adverts like they do in Japan?? Here is an advert for 'Curry Cheese Noodles'...ummmm nice....MENTAL:

Although 96,000 people turned up to see the show at the Pasadena Rose Bowl over 2.5 million watched online. I was too busy in the land of nod. Saw this in Dublin and it was spectacular! Check this out:

Hope you had a cracking Bank Holiday weekend. Went to see Fleetwood Mac on Saturday in the O2 in Dublin. Great venue, although a little bit souless and feckin' expensive inside for drinks and other nibbles, lots of bogs though which is nice. Mick Fleetwood had a gold plated drum kit and was dressed like Frodo Baggins but the rest of the band look incredibly well considering their past use of narcotics. Here is one of my favourite tracks and when lead singer Lindsay Buckingham banged this out it was the highlight for me. CLASS:

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