Friday, June 05, 2009


Well it's that time of the year when we will all (well those of us old enough to skulk pints, gatting in a ditch at 14 doesn't count...i mean the manchild ripe old age of 18) be heading to the Poles with our erect....sorry *coughs* election ballots and casting our democratic right to vote. So, to celebrate the eventual pulling down of the posters that have blighted our landscape for the past few weeks. Jesus, i feel like a guest in a dodgy stately home or castle staying in a room with a ropey portrait with moving eyes watching my every writhing naked carefree ...(whoa, sorry about that) move... Anywho, if anything i'll be glad to see the back of their fat heads staring at me every shagging day!!! (and relax....penguins in dungarees) ...aaaahhhhh that's better. So, here is my rundown of some of the best posters about:

Obviously one of my faves, and spotted in my own backyard of Blarney. It's FF with EffOff and their one finger salute, which is the first honest thing they have done in the last decade.

FG get the star treatment. Looking more like the Sergeant Pepper's album cover, Mr. McAdams does possess some rather fetching eyebrows.

A tad ironic!

Bert becames the first politician to openly admit to having a fist up his behind.

Hold on is that Kian from Westlife??!! *rubs eyes* "We need change now" yeah you do, it looks like he is trying to escape from the poster.

Rolling up on the campaign trail.

And my own personal choice...

No caption required.

And, if you do meet this man today he is not part of any legally elected party so just beware. Or just vote for him ye might as well, there's fuck all else to choose from.

And finally...


I put in the wrong video yesterday *beats back with knotty stick* Here is the "Human Slinky" on stage for Aussies Got Talent Too Ye Flamin' Gallah and the live birth!

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