Monday, June 29, 2009


Rooster listener Gavin with his visor

I got to get one of these for me Micra!!

We have to raise €5,000 before Friday for Barnardo's Children's Charity in Cork. I think we can really do this. Rooster heads have proven in the past how fantastic ye are and at least my irregular bowel movements over the coming days will not have been in vain.

We have set-up an account at A.I.B. on Patrick Street and if you can throw in a couple of Euro on your lunch break or whenever it would be incredible.

Account number: 36706396 Sort Code: 93-42-83

And thanks a million

Today we also had Graffitti Artist Finbarr A.K.A. DAC and his spray partner in crime FARK FK. To see some of their incredible work check out their website

Finbarr deep into the creative process. He had less than an hour to create a spray paint portrait that was unique to the city of Cork. We asked listeners to text in all things Cork, from potato pies, to Sean Og, through to pints of Murphy's and the Shandon Bells.

And the result. *drum roll*

We have the Shandon Bells, Father Mathew, Blarney Castle (i may have nudged him on that one ;-) and finally a pint of Murphy's. I think it's absolutely feckin brilliant. Well done to Damien Leary from Douglas who gets to take home this unique piece of original art.

And here's a piece i got myself! It's a brand new character by FARK. SWEET.

Me (looking somewhat like a disgruntled Mexican Simon Cowell :-/ ) FARK FK, Rachel from Fat Face and finally Finbarr (DAC) with his masterpiece.

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