Monday, June 08, 2009


Great band ... Shit day

That could all change once you've watched these videos, i hope they will put a :-) on your face!

From the man who brought you The Apprentice mash-up. Here is a reminder if you missed it:

First time i heard that i nearly collapsed...although thta was probably the Lamb Biryani i reheated in the microwave, but let's face it - if a funny clip fills your pants you are onto a winner. So, here is the genius who made The Apprentice mash up at it again with some other famous peeps. This must have taken years off his life. We salute you cassette boy. GENIUS:

First up Jeremy Clarkson, the chino wearing slack jawed loudmouth from Top Gear:

The Streets (memba him...yeah, he is kinda shit now) is his own biggest critic:

And finally. This one comes with a WARNING. "X-Rated Harry Potter re-edit. Not safe for work, children or people who believe in wizards." SO THERE YOU GO. But, it's very funny:

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