Thursday, June 04, 2009


It seems that even the credit crunch has hit heaven. If you didn't hear, the "Second Coming" took place recently when the Son of God appeared in a packet of Cheeto snacks in the US:

I know Neighbours is shite and Home and Away is a bit dodge, but Australia really does have talent...The Doctor is always telling m,e to check down under, so i did, and i found this...It's a human slinky...and a live birth..GENIUS:

P.S. I bet he gets down the stairs quick

And finally, something cute. Yeah, i know you all think i have a black heart but i don't...Darth Vader is a second cousin, it's these tight jeans, i mean genes are to blame. This is a little baby Anteater. He looks like he is wearing a spandex onesy or a pair of Dungarees! Smile ye heartless b*stards!

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