Friday, June 12, 2009

So, i had a few days off and am now back in the saddle. Gotta say that Bed is so underrated and oooh i had a lie-in on Wednesday until ...hold on....nearly HALF NINE!! I know i'm a crazy Mofo but i like living dangerously...last week i abseiled down the skirting board...and the skiing in the kitchen...MAD. The big news of course has been about a particularly greasy individual who has become the most expensive footballer in the world with a deal worth nearly €100m. As far as i'm concerned that's f*cking sick money no-one is worth that but obviously Alex Ferguson is not going to say NO. Apparently, Ronaldo celebrated this cash windfall with a night in Paris Hilton. I think a date at the Clinic has been confirmed for Christiano, although i'd say he has engaged in some horizontal jogging with some ropey ladies. I say this because i remember reading a piece in the News of the World once and the hooker that said she slept with him looked like Gerry Ryan...GRIM :-(

Now, Paris Hilton can probably suck a golf ball through a silly straw but i don't see the attraction. Braindead, and over exposed i can't help thinking that she is the bulb off Rodney from Only Fools & Horses..."Oi, Ronaldo you PLONNNKKKKKEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!"

She's obviously taking eating tips from him aswell...

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