Friday, May 08, 2009

This is actual footage of me getting out of bed today:

Getting out of my leaba was like being there for my own ceasarian birth but without the mess...if you just imagine my sheets were like an umbilical cord and my bed....well i'll just leave it there! Anywho due to my lack of sleep and recurring hallucinations due to counting only 5 sheep last night (my wooly maths is usually around the ten mark) i am heading home to bed and will retire like Batman to my cave and dive back under my Masters of the Universe duvet. In the meantime enjoy these pictures they will make you laugh. And THANKS A MILLION TO ALL OF YOU FOR READING MY BLOG WE ARE NOW OVER THE 100,000 MARK FOR HITS...HERE'S SOME CAKE

And random pic of the week:

It's a Footato...GENIUS he look vely happy...i wonder if your fries would smell of cheese... :-(

And to celebrate this momentous occasion...let us remind ourselves of the great Mulligan and O' Hare and their tremendous and thought provoking album...Tittybiscuits:

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