Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Okay that headline is a little bit misleading, but got your attention didn't it...NO?? Jesus, tough crowd. Anywho i'm not talking about Holly Willobaps from the X Factor but these Birds who have come home to roost on BBC4 for a second season. I know it started last week but i don't have a f*cking time machine so this will have to do here...Of course, it's Brett and Jemaine from "New Zealand's fourth most popular folk guitar-based digi-bongo accapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo" It's back on BBC4 tonight at 10.30pm (way past my bedtime i'm afraid and i can't record the bastard on my tv but i'm such a selfless individual i am passing on the knowledge...i know, i know it's okay) So here is a little snip from one of the forthcoming shows Directed by the French genius Michel Gondry. It's about too many Dicks on the dancefloor...check out the disco balls at the end...GENIUS. Enjoy:

And if that's not your bag, check out the Sci-Fi Channel tonight at 8pm for the secong season of the brand new Knight Rider...gotta say i only caught a few of these last year but the car is SICK! Think it's a Mustang and is more like a Transformer...makes the original Hoffmobile look like Del Boy should have been driving it!

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