Friday, May 29, 2009


The longest running chat show in the world goes through another menopausal change tonight as Pat "The Plank" Kenny has his final coat of varnish applied tonight. He will not feature tonight (i was hoping for some caged ultimate fighting) but Tubridy is to take over the helm..we seem to be going from a plank to a broom but he is sharp so i think he will make a good sub. Gabriel Byrne and Louis Walsh and various others will help him to apply the Cuprinol. It's been 10 years and in that period of time we have seen Pat manage to stuff his size eleven feet firmly between his chops and induce the viewer (well at least those that still have their cataracts intact) to dive behind their sofas in shame. Get ready for the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up and your eyes to fold in cringe as i present the finest moments of the man who made Pinocchio look wooden...(oh shit hold on he was made of)...anyway. Let's lift our 2 by 4's and salute The Kenny


First up the Toy Show debacle when he tore the tickets up live on tv:

Jimmy Carr displays his razor tongue as Pat cowers:

Pat proves he believes The Minstrels are still touring:

This guy was on the show this morning. Pat's veneer almost cracked here. Almost as cracked as the guy jumping up on the stage:

And finally, my finest Pat moment ever...Poor Pat he's very innocent ;-)

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