Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well there's a certain game on tely tonight called the Champions League Final and i will be rooting for the Red Devils *ducks* Okay...jaysus i know there's a lot of Liverpool fans listening to the show and a few Barca flag wavers will crawl out of the woodwork for the evening but i got my first United jersey when i was 11 and i had to work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week in the local mine to pay for it...times were tough in the i think i have paid my United dues. I am hoping for a goal fest but the first ten minutes will be CRUCIAL so this is why i think we need Carlos Tevez the little Argentinian Tasmanian Devil to provide the pre-match entertainment with his band - Piola Vago...if anything it will scare the shit out of the Barca fans and hopefully send the players into a wild frenzy where they jump on Messi leaving him to flee shredded from the stadium...all i can say is, Carlos, don't give up the day job dude :-S


There might be 22 players on the pitch but tonight is all about two wizards:

First up is the Greasy Lover Wing Wizard Christiano Ronaldo. I think if he gets anywhere within 35 yards of the box toinght in a deadball situation it's back of the net time:

P.S. I'm seriously digging the soundtrack on this vid!!

And this little genius. He is still only 21 years old and even Maradonna desrcibed him as "my only successor". One of the greatest players to pull on a pair of boots. It's Lionel Messi:

PREDICTION: 2 - 2 at full time. After 3 - 2 to United after Extra Time. Tevez to pop up in the box or a header from Vidic. Anywho, it will be a classic!! ENJOY.

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