Friday, September 19, 2008

We had this man on the show today -

He is of course Hollywood superstar Aidan Quinn...He has acted in some highly acclaimed roles in movies like Legends of the Fall, Desperately Seeking Susan, Benny & Joon, Song for a Raggy Boy and of course Michael Collins to name a handful. He spoke about working with Johnny Depp and other legends like Anthony Hopkins. He's a really sound bloke and relishes his trips back to his roots in Ireland. He is currently filming a new Conor McPherson flick called Eclipse down in our very own Cobh. He told us about a couple of headers who tried to start a fight on set...i think they thought it was a Steven Seagal vehicle!! So if you're floating around there over the weekend say hello!! If you missed his interview today...fear not as it will appear on the Best of The Rooster tomorrow morning between 10am and 12pm.

Have a class weekend and see you on Monday...from 6am...GO WELL!!!!!!!!!!!

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