Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I've seen some strange sights in Cork over the years, but apart from the crazed man in his underpants running through Pana or the bloke dressed as a large sandwich...oh and the guy who once dived to pop me one while i was holding a pot of tea in Paul Street (long story i'll tell it someday...he had a really big scary beard and probably ate raw meat) BUT...this was one of the weirdest...I was walking past Patrick's Bridge over the weekend when i heard a spitting sound and thought someone was spraying water so i turned "what the fu..." then looked into the water and this massive black head emerges...IT WAS A SEAL!!!

NO!! NO!! Not the washed up soul singer famous for kissing roses and married to Heidi was this slippery rascal below...

Only had the phone with me so quality isn't the best but you can see Derek's head...(yeah it's defo Derek)...I've been told it's quite a common sight and if the weather continues we'll soon see them getting on the bus and driving..."Boss, sorry i'm late...this bollox of a seal just feckin cut me up at the traffic lights"

Behind the Red Headquarters this morning. Grab your surfboard.

The calm after the storm. In the afternoon the river abated but left loads of debris like logs and rocks!!!

What i'm going to be taking to work from now on!!

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