Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nice hair lads...At least they were better with the guitar than the crimpers

Having Air Guitared *assumes wide leg stance* and plucked the strings to these masters of rock i was surprised to see that Led Zeppelin could be on the lookout for a new lead singer if Robert Plant doesn't join the rest of the band on a reunion tour...

"LED ZEPPELIN frontman ROBERT PLANT is to be given an ultimatum by his bandmates – join us on tour or we’ll replace you.

Zep guitarist JIMMY PAGE, bassist JOHN PAUL JONES and drummer JASON BONHAM have been busy recently rehearsing in West London’s Ritz Studio and using stand-in vocalists.

And one American singer has been so impressive the other band members are confident they could hit the road next year WITHOUT their iconic frontman"

Obviously i was shocked at this news but my brow sweats no longer as i have found the PERFECT replacement for Plant's haunting high notes...Her name is 'Wing' and after making several appearances on South Park i think she is the only person capable of filling rock's biggest shoes...

And here's why, check out Wing's interpretation of classic acts from The Beatles to Abba. My personal favourite however is her take on the classic AC/DC headbanger Back in Black:

And if your dream is to become an Air Geetar Champion and finally get the recognition you deserve from your peers..Check this out:

Its called the Guitar Rock Star and is set to be the pressie under every tree this Chrimbo:

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