Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Fred was out to impress the ladies after using the new Gym for oldies...

We were talking about this today. Listen closely to the clip and you can hear what sounds like a rusty hip popping in the background:

It's a 'Pensioners Playground' which has been opened on an Isle in Scotland!! It has a load of equipment including a skiing machine, space walker, body twister, a chest press, a leg press and a pull-down exerciser. In a couple of years they'll have all the Grannies and Grandads showing off their six packs and flexing their triceps in the queue for the bus...although they probably won't have an issue with any young hoods pushing to the front...

Well it reminded me of this...It's Supergran One of my fave shows as a kid and can you believe the theme song was provided by the Big Yin himself Billy Connolly...Class:

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